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  1. Is there any chance
  2. Who’s ready to join survivor ???
  3. Bamold
  4. Katya losing
  5. Anyone want to
  6. Why isn’t
  7. I think my favorite thing about tengaged
  8. Okay so
  9. Taylor Swift is O V E R
  10. BB21
  11. My god
  12. Some people on here
  13. Anyone from Nashville??
  14. Currently rewatching
  15. The IRONY
  16. Sponsor me !
  17. Ok so
  18. Talking about bullying
  19. You’re a man and we all know that
  20. Is it time
  21. She’s the sweetest
  22. We love
  23. Itstrash
  24. Join Survivor
  25. Anyone want
  26. My favorite people on here
  27. Rate my avi
  28. I hate when
  29. Gift me Purple Dior
  30. love u
  31. If anyone thinks
  32. Just got MK11
  33. Did all 40 people
  34. Two picks in the first round
  35. Finally someone
  36. This is the worst season
  37. i need someone on skype
  38. Wasn’t
  39. The night king
  40. Stars support ❤️❤️❤️

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Mar 27, 2019 by smuguy2012
How can you Check if you’ve been added to addmescontscts


go to the site, type in some random skype name (it can be literally "fudhguhdfug" it'll accept it) and you can see the list of all recently added skypes
usually people here use the Female filter tho idk why
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Mar 27, 2019

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