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  1. Is it time
  2. She’s the sweetest
  3. We love
  4. Itstrash
  5. Join Survivor
  6. Anyone want
  7. My favorite people on here
  8. Rate my avi
  9. I hate when
  10. Gift me Purple Dior
  11. love u
  12. If anyone thinks
  13. Just got MK11
  14. Did all 40 people
  15. Two picks in the first round
  16. Finally someone
  17. This is the worst season
  18. i need someone on skype
  19. Wasn’t
  20. The night king
  21. Stars support ❤️❤️❤️
  22. Does anyone else find it funny
  23. Kick rocks
  24. Unless you taking
  25. If I didn’t
  26. Does this hair
  27. FROOKS??
  28. What’s the tea
  29. The Blue Jays are cancelled
  30. My best friend
  32. No title
  33. Join Survivor ladies !
  34. Why is this a big deal?
  35. anyone have a link
  36. Why do girls get a pass on here?
  37. I love
  38. Just filtered someone
  40. The best person on this site

What started the argument

Jan 4, 2019 by smuguy2012
Between Tara and Marie ??


i woke up and tara was banned so idk
Sent by SharonMaItems,Jan 4, 2019
Marie played a frookies and Tara said Marie was a bad mom for doing so.
Sent by Ghettoyah,Jan 4, 2019
They were playing a castings together. Marie would comment about her children in the game. So, Tara thought it was a good idea to criticize her for being on tg rather than with her kid. Ik, its a mess. But, Tara was %100 in the wrong
Sent by YoundAndReckless,Jan 4, 2019

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