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  1. Join Survivor
  2. Anyone want
  3. My favorite people on here
  4. Rate my avi
  5. I hate when
  6. Gift me Purple Dior
  7. love u
  8. If anyone thinks
  9. Just got MK11
  10. Did all 40 people
  11. Two picks in the first round
  12. Finally someone
  13. This is the worst season
  14. i need someone on skype
  15. Wasn’t
  16. The night king
  17. Stars support ❤️❤️❤️
  18. Does anyone else find it funny
  19. Kick rocks
  20. Unless you taking
  21. If I didn’t
  22. Does this hair
  23. FROOKS??
  24. What’s the tea
  25. The Blue Jays are cancelled
  26. My best friend
  28. No title
  29. Join Survivor ladies !
  30. Why is this a big deal?
  31. anyone have a link
  32. Why do girls get a pass on here?
  33. I love
  34. Just filtered someone
  36. The best person on this site
  38. We love all these
  39. If
  40. I love

No title

Sep 2, 2018 by smuguy2012
pizza4256 is #Maybelline Admin


No I'm not, admin helped me get my account back themselves. They know I'm not that banned user but keep going and I'll report you too for harassment
Sent by Pizza4256,Sep 2, 2018
LOL yes that's why you're so obsessed with @Minie who #Maybelline has problems with and not you pizza4256. You're so sad
Sent by smuguy2012,Sep 2, 2018
smuguy2012 if you knew your facts, @Minie approached me first and accused me of being someone im not & told me to kill myself, which is why she's banned.

Reported for harassment.
Sent by Pizza4256,Sep 2, 2018

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