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  1. All I want to do
  2. Imagine
  3. I think she's super nice and sweet
  4. Survivor AU
  5. Anyone else shocked
  6. Anyone have a link to AU survivor
  7. Stars??
  8. Survivor AU links?
  9. Gift me white BG please :((
  10. Can we ban the TRUE villain ?!
  11. Dirty Rat Bastard!!!
  12. Anyone feeling generous?
  13. Anyone hosting any group games?
  14. Irelia
  15. Join frooks!
  16. Why is no one complaining about
  17. Anyone wanna vivor ???
  18. What is Tyler's power app
  19. Jokers
  20. So weird
  21. I've won my first two polls
  22. Matt from Survivor RI
  23. WHat did kaitlyn do
  24. Why is everyone
  25. Remember when you won multiple stars without..
  26. HG +3!!
  27. Join hunger!
  28. Am I a hero or a villain on
  29. yay 200!!!
  30. Pop into Vivor!
  31. Join Survivor!!
  32. Ikea
  33. Hi
  34. People who defend trash are just as bad
  35. MULTIS
  36. I support everything the new mod is doing
  37. I thought
  39. Is there actually a chance
  40. Why did kaitlyn

If you're a fan of Level 6

Jul 3, 2018 by smuguy2012
Then you must of loved the past few seasons because all they are are the same generic assholes who control every season


idk 2 of them said racist shit so allison might rig it for swaggy to get rid of tyler and kaycee and have the racists last long for entertainment
Sent by Wisconsinite96,Jul 3, 2018

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