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  1. anyone have a link
  2. Why do girls get a pass on here?
  3. +1 survivor
  4. I love
  5. Just filtered someone
  7. The best person on this site
  8. Bb Can question...
  10. We love all these
  11. If
  12. I love
  13. I miss CTC
  14. OMG
  15. I’ve made
  16. Imagine
  17. I love
  18. If I survive this poll
  19. How cute do I look
  21. Riverdale is SO bad
  22. It’s been nice
  23. Why do y’all care about zak so much
  24. Why do people think
  25. For the record
  26. STARS???
  27. This drama LOL
  28. Why does everyone
  29. Sponsor me arrows
  30. Some people
  31. I wanna late night frooks
  32. Absolute trash
  33. Is it time
  34. Gift me
  35. #WearBlackForJess
  36. Love frooks drama
  37. God I can’t stand
  38. Anyone have
  39. What happened to
  40. Anyone watch

If you're a fan of Level 6

Jul 3, 2018 by smuguy2012
Then you must of loved the past few seasons because all they are are the same generic assholes who control every season


idk 2 of them said racist shit so allison might rig it for swaggy to get rid of tyler and kaycee and have the racists last long for entertainment
Sent by Wisconsinite96,Jul 3, 2018

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