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  1. SPONSOR Me health
  2. Was there a new
  3. MESSI
  4. Hi
  5. Can someone
  7. Any group games starting up soon ?
  8. Pop into frooks
  9. Frooks?
  10. Fuck you
  11. Who's tossing me
  12. Bryan Jones Here
  13. Cracker
  15. Doesn't she have young children
  16. G4G??
  17. Anyone wanna g4g
  18. Who's on red and who's on blue
  19. Boston this weekend!
  20. Hey
  21. I just need a Stars win
  22. 4 for survivor instant start !!!
  23. Imagine paying someone
  24. Nicole Centi
  25. Getting outside and being active
  26. Hit my first ever home run
  27. Rate my avi and I'll rate yours!
  28. Someone gift me
  29. The best queen of S10
  30. I used to like
  31. Isn't Ashlynn
  32. That’s not robert
  33. King
  34. Why does everyone
  35. Love when
  36. Hey gays
  37. If you're not her
  38. Survivor Maryland All Stars
  39. Why is mask always posted
  40. Did franky really forgive

I Love love love...

Apr 11, 2018 by smuguy2012
When absolute psychopaths who need to seek obvious professional help try to call me out on being crazy. Like I Ann fully aware I take games too seriously( I like to win, it's why I'm on a big brother website??) but it's the people who are in full denial who I feel bad for ☹️☹️☹️

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