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betters sorry

1stDec 13, 2011 by skyy
dmann,andytraciy and megan choice final 3


Sent by LadyLightning,Dec 13, 2011
Wowwwwwwww this is bullshit. *Shrugs* oh well. Win some. Lose some lol still got love for those three. Especially Megan and dmann
Sent by DCSooner,Dec 13, 2011
dmann come on clown!! not when i have T on the line lol.
Sent by BrendonByrne,Dec 13, 2011
it's all good skyy, everyone knows a bet is still a gamble at the end of the day.  Sorry to see you got 6th :(
Sent by Bo_oM,Dec 13, 2011
get some real friends
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Dec 13, 2011
dmann is such a selfish piece of shit!
Sent by Ev32,Dec 13, 2011
Wow really that was a real fucked up move =/
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Dec 13, 2011
I tried so hard to keep you guys safe :( message me on skype clueliz5
Sent by clueliz,Dec 13, 2011
No they said I was getting 5th or 4th. I didn't know this would happen.
Sent by Megan,Dec 13, 2011
i guess that is what cha get!
Sent by devinwithparasites,Dec 13, 2011
OMG WTF!? seriously? :/
Sent by tommyboy614,Dec 13, 2011
lol devin won this charity so stfu
Sent by skyy,Dec 13, 2011
dmann...not when i have T$ on the line! i needed that for gold LOL
Sent by turney1805,Dec 13, 2011
why did you delet my comments skyy
Sent by plor,Dec 13, 2011
:/ you said you'd save her dylan
Sent by TT_Fan,Dec 13, 2011
he lied
Sent by skyy,Dec 13, 2011
wow skyy, so sorry your game was ruined
Sent by bibbles,Dec 13, 2011
-15 you suck
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Dec 13, 2011
Why would he save u when u can't even get his username right dmann
Sent by Mikey04wp,Dec 13, 2011
Sent by retsdir,Dec 13, 2011
smh @ dmann
Sent by xXandytraicyXx,Dec 13, 2011
skyy :/ im sorry. i didnt know megan was like this! i knew dmann is karma hungry. im sorry! dont worry about our bets. it is a gamble. but still...cant believe they did that...
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 13, 2011
this may be one of the most hilariously stupid fights i've ever seen.
Sent by TheGoodMan,Dec 13, 2011
I forgive you just dont let it happen again! :P
Sent by davidfisher,Dec 13, 2011
I thought Megan was ur friend? Awkz
Sent by dools,Dec 13, 2011
Sent by jstone03,Dec 13, 2011
Never trust either of them andy & dman nor megan. there all about "ME"
Sent by EllaElla,Dec 13, 2011
woww :(
Sent by Sheena,Dec 13, 2011
Sent by SexGoddx,Dec 14, 2011

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