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6thJan 24, 2019 by skyler1822
haven't done this in a minute so this should be interesting lmfao. If idk you or remember you, then I'm sorry :/

Jenna2010 - One of the first few people I met on here years ago (time flies lol). I always had a lot of respect for you tbh. And I’m pretty sure you helped me get my first gift on here too (shoutout to gagaluv and LM frat haha). Hopefully we can chat more (but I know it’s kind of hard when I like randomly leave)

papibadd - Omg omg omg omg omg I didn’t know you were back on here! Haha you’re so funny. I always thought you were hilarious (I remember being on calls with you and you literally always cracked me up). Plus, you were a pretty fierce game player haha

Cheeseman2468 - I have seen you around on tengaged before. We have played a couple of games together. Literally we started talking like what? 10 minutes ago? LMAO. Regardless, you seem like a really cool kid. I hope we continue to get better acquainted with one another

BengalBoy - Okay so where do I begin? We have known each other for a long time. We were just two players on a reality social network site who ended up becoming platonic friends. It was all nice and cutesy or whatever lol then there may have been some flirting here and there. Who knows? No but you’re seriously one of the closest people to me on here. I like how we can go from having silly conversations to having pretty deep talks and discussions. I also like how I can disappear for like a few days (or months LOL) and then if/when I come back it’s almost like I never even left :) I have always thought you were smart and extremely entertaining. But I do plan on defeating you in chess (more than just 1 time) though, mark my words LMFAO. But no, you’re wonderful, and I adore you. I’m going to try to be better with staying in touch more, I promise xD p.s. I hope this was long enough like omfg

Spicoli - Omg omg omg I didn’t know you were back on here either, hi! Um, from what I remember, you’re a really chill and funny guy. I hope we can catch up soon or something lol

LivvieBoo12 - You were a sweet kid when I was more active on here. I hope you haven’t changed too much from how I remembered you 

lexeyjane - I’ve seen you around on tengaged. You seem like a really cool girl. Hopefully we can get to know each other better maybe? lol

CalebDaBoss - I’ve seen you on tengaged for a bit. Idk if we have ever spoken to each other too much though so idk what else I could really say about you :/

Roshy - Is it bad that I still see you as one of the best people to ever play frookies? lol. I remember running into you in so many frookies haha. You were really impressive actually lol. Apart from your phenomenal gameplay sometimes, I remember how maybe you took the games “a bit” too seriously lol. Regardless, I always thought that you were a great individual deep down :)

Ethan000 - Omfg I remember when I would just see you around tengaged blogging about random things and seeing you in games from time to time. But then ever since we were in that casting and could reflect on the show, “You,” it’s pretty much bonded us for life LOL. Okay but no, you’re really sweet and funny too. I’m looking forward to us discovering another show to like low-key obsess over :x rofl

Eilish - I just found out this is your new account. I don’t think you’re a bad person. I think you’re great, but it’s a shame how it seems like you always seem to get into some kind of issue or situation with people. I’m hoping to catch up with you a bit more

Runaway - Okay idk if you’re going to believe this or not, but when I was extremely new to tengaged, I remember seeing you in stars. And idk I thought you were so cool and amazing LMFAO. I’m not even kidding either, but I was such a fan of yours hahaha xD. I think we have talked a few times when I was a bit more active on here, and I know we’re in a casting right now haha. I hope that we can see each other in more games (p.s. congrats on the castings win LOL)

iYBF - I think we might’ve talked a bit more a few years ago. I don’t really remember tbh. I’d be down to chat for a bit and get reacquainted. I do remember a couple of guys on here being a little infatuated with you though lol

Dash - You were one of the first users I saw on games on here. I thought your avi looked really cool. I do remember being in a few games with you in the past. You seemed pretty chill from what I remember

WannaBeeFriends - Remember when we were enemies? LMFAO. I actually do xD. I remember when I couldn’t stand your behind because you were just too much rofl! We basically went from enemies, to frenemies, to friends LOL. I think it took like one genuine conversation to realize that we actually had some things in common hahaha (which was so surprising and amazing at the same time). Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, like way down deep, you’re a nice person lmfao. Not a lot of people can see that because you sometimes end up doing things that get you into trouble and it’s just ridiculous -_- I’m hoping that one day you put an end to some of your antics lol

Caleb9211 - Okay so I have been reconnecting with a lot of people from tengaged back in the day, but I think you’ve been hands down my favorite one. Why? Well it should be pretty obvious haha: You were one of the first few people I even met on here back in 2013. We pretty much hit it off almost instantly (seriously, the rest was history lol). Remember when we used to talk LITERALLY like every single day (right before vh1luvr15 used to call me on Skype EVERY SINGLE DAY but ugh I miss you Tony <3). So I was sooooooooo happy and excited when you came back on here (because you came back around the same time I did so yay!). I’m still really glad that we’re close. And I’m still rooting for you in your first ever stars game :)

oreo270 - We were a lot closer when I was more active on here. I am hoping that we can see each other in some games and kind of reconnect, ya know? You still seem like the same girl who is incredible sweet and nice who maintains her character regardless of what people say or do on here. I respect that tremendously. Also, I’ve been supporting you in stars along with a few others in the game btw, best of luck to you lol

ados707 - Hi :) um so do you remember when we used to go after each other in frookies years ago? LOL. I do. I remember thinking that you were this terrible person that always tried to come for me in frooks (because we never spoke lmfao). But then remember when we ended up being on the same call and spoke? LOL. I remember thinking, “omfg, wow, he’s sooooo nice and sweet; well, I was totally wrong” LMFAO. I think we already had a conversation about all of that ages ago rofl. But yeah, I thought you were the cutest thing especially when you let me pick on you and tease you playfully :) But omg there were times when you would try to tease me back and be all sassy too haha. I still think you’re amazing, fun, and talented (I just need to get you to sing a song for me ^.^ lol). I want us to be able to catch up more though because I miss you <3

ghrocky100 - I was always flattered that you saw me as like a “big sister” to you especially when you would ask me for help or like advice. You’ve always been a pretty thoughtful kid in my book. I hope that you continue to grow and figure out more ways to express your creativity (like when you would do movie reviews I think like a few years ago; that was cool)

Arris - Haven’t played a game with you in years I think rofl. I think we talked more when I was more active on the site. I still remember people referring to you as the “King of Selfies.”  Do you remember that? LOL. I just tried to imitate your pose, and I just don’t have your natural talent :/ lmfao. Anyways, I always thought you were a cool guy. I hope that hasn’t changed

TheDeceiver - We just talked like today I think? LOL. You seem alright, but I’m not sure if you’re a multi or something tbh. It’s nothing personal, but idk who’s who lol

FireX - I’ve seen you around a bit. But idk who you are that well, sorry :/

Iceey - Haha we’ve seen each other in games, but we really just started talking like a few days ago. I can’t believe how well we get along tbh haha. You seem awesome ftr. I hope we continue to talk and become better friends :) #Healthcare #NursesRule p.s. now I know who I can turn to whenever I am craving mexican food but can’t find any place that will deliver late at night LOL :P

ak73 - Um if you were #alireza76 (I think that was his older username), then I know you LMAO. If not, then I don’t think I know you, but I’ve seen you comment on the blogs page before hahaha


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