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  1. Idk why I'm up rn but hi
  2. Hey tengaged
  3. What are some good shows to watch?
  4. Can't breathe omfg
  5. So much spam omg
  6. This message made me feel so special
  7. Can't sleep :(
  8. I still don't get why people use multies
  9. I LOVE karma rn
  10. So mods should come back
  11. How can I get over driving today?
  12. I literally feel like strangling a girl rn...
  13. Link to celebrity big brother?
  14. It's so freakin early rn
  15. Who's joining stars with me today? :)
  16. It's a shame that racism always has to be an..
  17. I was thinking about doing a PYN
  18. What is HQ?
  19. I almost ended up in a ditch
  20. So awkward when a few exes texted me today around..
  21. Save or gift?
  22. Ask me things
  23. First Day of the New Year
  24. Stars Support
  25. It's just not my night for frooks LMAO
  26. Ask me stuff
  27. Hi
  28. Ask me stuff
  29. I hate chess
  30. Is there going to be a skype game tonight or..
  31. Ask me things because I have some time to kill
  32. Tearing up rn from
  33. Hey gaged, hope everyone had a merry christmas
  34. Congrats on getting added to my filter list :)
  35. Save or spend t's?
  36. *calls her attorney*
  37. I have a crush on a tengager
  38. Hi :)
  39. Is there a frat that I can join?
  40. Who is going to make it to finals

How can I get over driving today?

Mar 7, 2018 by skyler1822
Edit: I was in a car accident yesterday and I am a little bit nervous


Same, I was in a car accident last month and haven't been able to drive since.
Sent by Philip13,Mar 7, 2018
i was in a car accident 4 days before studying abroad so i went like 5 months without driving LOL
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Mar 7, 2018
It will take time hunny hope you're okay ? Xx
Sent by adamgrant,Mar 7, 2018
sorry to hear that :/ Philip13 yeah it is so weird to me now because driving was no big deal and kind of fun to me but now idk I'm a bit afraid because I don't want to get hit again
Sent by skyler1822,Mar 7, 2018
that sounds awful omfg lmao SmoothStalker12

I've been better u_u lol but I'm okay < 3 adamgrant I'm literally just a bit afraid more than anything
Sent by skyler1822,Mar 7, 2018
OMG I am glad you are ok, its scary!!
Sent by Krisstea,Mar 7, 2018
Yeah, it was actually fun for me too. It wasn't that bad of an accident either but the aftermath was traumatizing. skyler1822
Sent by Philip13,Mar 7, 2018

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