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PYN for opinions,

16thFeb 16, 2015 by skye10
Off Me,

sosyomomma - Me: I don't really know you sorry:/
Chris: you are actually mad at me and i don’t even know why but oh well :x i still love you
John: Likes talking about survivor with you and he thinks you're cool and nice
Tyler: He likes you, can be weird at times but yeah
Marcel: He likes you as well, and he enjoys playing frookies with you.

Steel - Tyler: you're obnoxious at times.
Me: Idk I haven't really spoke to you,
John: He likes your profile by the looks of it.
Marcel: You're overrated,
Chris: you are sort of inactive but i’ve seen you around and you seem like a cool guy

EliotWhi - Me: I've spoke to you a lot on call today and you seem really nice :')x
Chris: hum you know ily but right now i feel kind of betrayed
Tyler: Hates you :x
Marcel: Can be obnoxious at times, no he's just kidding.
John: If you like bad girls club he likes you for that, he likes you.


ElectricCheddar - Me: I don't really know you sorry :/
Chris: we were in castings together! you seem nice
Marcel: Doesn't know you, but if your cheese is electric its cool.
John: He likes you, were in castings together and you were really nice.

Arris - Me: You're one of my favourite people in affinity, we've played loads of games together and you're loyal and I love you xo
Chris: Arekito ily you are awesome < 3
Marcel: Is that Ariss? I know you because tiger gifted you, I think that's him.
John: He loves you, but you're a bully < 3

ghrocky100 - Me: I don't really know you sorry :/
Chris: you are so nice and we work together in games so < 3
Marcel: Who? Heard you're a nice guy
John: ghrocky100 I feel bad I don't know who that is but um, erm, you seem really nice and we talked about erm idk.

Delete2544 - Me: I'm sure you're really nice but we haven't really spoken.
Chris: you are so crazyyyy but i like you haha :P
Marcel: You buy loads of T$
John: Really funny and makes him laugh all the time.

Cornelia - Me: Idk you but I'm sure you are really nice,
Chris: we have never really talked but i love your blogs :O
Marcel: He loves you, really nice and loved you on habbo.
John: He doesn't know you, although likes your avi, he likes your favourite survivor player blogs.

tditdatdwt1234d - Me: You seem nice and you comment on my blogs a lot and you mailed me which is nice :')
Chris: we have talked a few times and you always seem like a good person to talk to :D
Marcel: WHAT?
John: HAHAHA loves your username, and you seem nice.

Gardenia - John: He appreciates the love and you are bae.

TaylorStLouis - Me: Idk I have a feeling you dislike me :s
Chris: we don’t really know each other but you have been fun to talk to every time!
Marcel: You can be nice but you can also be a bitch
John: We were in a Skype game once and I remember when you made our survivor Skype game fun and he supported you in stars and you seem really nice.

shyannemystik - Me: I've never really heard about you sorry:/
Chris: ily girlfriend (kiss) (kiss)
Marcel: err je doesn't know you personally but everyone says you are nice.
John: You're really nice and we nominated in survivor and you got screwed over by the person winning immunity and he'd like to talk more.

JasonXtreme - Me: You're in affinity and you're really nice to talk to, gl in stars supporting you all the way xo
Marcel: ahaha erm he doesn't really know you but you're in my stars and you seem nice
John: You're really cool and youre like a little brother and you're great to talk to.

*EliotWhi joins the opinions*

owlb0ned - Me: I've played with you before and you seem nice but I've never really gotten to know you, I would like to though.
Chris:  ily british goddess :P yeah
Marcel: He loves you, idk what to say.
John: He loves you and always so sweet and love to talk to you and loves to go on clubpenguin and habbo with you and he loves talking when drunk.
Eliot: Jess such a nice person, we both love celebrity juice

BrenLa - Me: I've heard of you but I don't think we've ever really got to know each other well but I'm sure you are nice :')
Chris:  You are awesome :D i kicked brens ass for shooting you out
Marcel: Um, don't know who that is.
John: Hes gotta have respect for you, youre really cool.
Eliot: In games ames we mostly target eachother because idk, we have different personality's but you are still a cool guy.

magge555550101 - Me: Omg you are in my frat again and I love to talk to you, you are so lovely and I feel like I can talk to you about anything :') Ily x
Chris: Adores you
Marcel: He loves you,
John: He loves you, he loves everything about you, numbers at end of name, main survivor buddy,
Eliot: He likes you

*Eliot has disappeared*

Jkjkjk15 - Me: Idk you:/
Chris: what a name
John: he doesn't know you very well but he likes your name and you seem nice
Marcel: must be just kidding.

Jethro - Me: OMG I LOVE YOU, you are so sweet and so lovely and you are literally so nice to me and your compliments make me so happy..
Chris: who is that bitch? multi?
John: he doesn't know who you are:/ you seem nice
Marcel: he doesn't really know who you are either

Guillomouve - I don't really know you sorry:/
Chris: You are really nice and he names a blog after you bc you are nice,
John: erm, he doesn't know you but he likes your avi
Marcel: Idk, you re a strange individual that eats flower pancakes.

Music - Me: Omg I love you, you are so sweet and I love talking to you and playing with you.
Chris: You are so nice, and he likes you and hes good at flip flopping frats,
John: mitch is bae
Marcel: we don't talk much but youre from the same city from me so youre cool


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