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Pros & Cons for Fighterman ?

Jun 24, 2022 by sjsoccer88
And Go!


- Gay
- Man
- Canadian
- Muslim
- Gay
- Loud
- Petty


Being Muslim is a con?
The Alabama in you snapped. 👁👁
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 24, 2022
could of left it at Canadian tbh
Sent by ManniBoi,Jun 24, 2022
This is racist asf
Sent by salmaan,Jun 24, 2022
You forgot gross, toxic, and ugly.
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jun 24, 2022
I love Muslims why is that a con wow
Sent by connorthomson,Jun 24, 2022

It’s only a con for him. I love every other Muslim that I’ve ever met
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jun 24, 2022

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