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Meet Katie Britt.

Jun 24, 2022 by sjsoccer88

Alabama’s next Senator who will replace Richard Shelby this November in Congress.

Her bio/stances:

- 40 years old. Married. 2 kids. Far-right Republican.

- Extremely pro-life. Believes life begins at conception and ANY abortion is considered murder. Is vehemently against “morning after” pills or any similar product.

- Extremely pro-guns. Strong support of 2nd Amendment. Believes every citizen should own a gun if the need arises to overthrow the government. Does not believe in background checks or licenses to obtain guns.

- Wants to halve immigration into the United States by enforcing maximum green card limit a year. Believes only immigrants in the United States legally are eligible for citizenship. Anyone here by other means should be deported asap.

- Strong supporter of the ban on critical race theory

- She is a strong supporter of prioritization of mental health and would seek to expand availability of mental office services in Alabama. (I personally believe this view is tied directly to her husband being a former NFL player and his possibility of concussion/CTE related issues he is probably having or will have in the future)


Sounds like your future wife
Sent by Christian_,Jun 24, 2022
Of course it is. What other Republican would even dare try to support mental health help?
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jun 24, 2022

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