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So far SCOTUS decisions…

Jun 23, 2022 by sjsoccer88
- Overturning law requiring a license to carry concealed weapon outside of your house in public

- Limits a suspects ability to sue for damages when not read Miranda Rights during arrest. (Basically this gives law enforcement more protection for mistakes they make)

- Given ability to Republican lawmakers to defend voting legislation at state level

- Sided with an inmate in Georgia who wants to die by firing squad instead of lethal injection

Of course Roe vs. Wade ruling is coming out soon and abortion will be severely limited. This country is going so backwards


I think all of those decisions are fine except the miranda rights
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jun 23, 2022
"shall not be infringed" does mean exactly what is says...
Sent by survivorworld33,Jun 23, 2022
and, in your eyes it may seem backwards...but in the eyes of humanity its the exact opposite...

siding with life, and self defense...

people suck...crime is everywhere...just because u make something illegal, that doesnt mean people will stop doing something...all u do is make more criminals, and increase crime
Sent by survivorworld33,Jun 23, 2022
survivorworld33 you do realize that in nature, animals will kill their own young if they are not normal or they sense something is off. Or even prevent them from accessing milk, etc.

Why should a woman be forced to carry a child from incest and/or rape? If an early detection shows that a child will be special needs and will need expensive medical operations and equipment, does the woman have the right to not bring them into this world for their sake and her own?

People care about the baby until it’s born then the person who from the get go couldn’t afford to take care of it is stuck with a huge responsibility.


I’m all for self-defense but what harm is increased background checks and requiring permits with annual renewals? We have to get a tag for our vehicles and renew them every year. What harm does it do to require the same for a gun?
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jun 23, 2022
We may be mammals, but to compare us to the wild is very off...the fact that we are capable of making the decision rather than acting on instinct alone, should be reason enough to not...that is what separates us from the animal kingdom...we have a very developed consciousness to know right from wrong....

dolphins murder porpoises for fun, and don't eat them...dolphins procreate by rape...
an animal with more complex brains than us, still do not have that, so to compare us to them when it comes to murdering our young is pretty wrong.
animals are also unable to care for disabled young as they do not have access to the hospital and services provided to aid in the raising of disabled young sooo

shall not be infringed
Sent by survivorworld33,Jun 23, 2022

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