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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

53 Merges and No More!

1stDec 1, 2021 by sjsoccer88
Read if you want. It's going to be lengthy, and I know these are cringe to some of you and I debated even doing one, but I felt like giving shoutouts to people who helped me along the way is appropriate so here we go. I ended up almost lasting 10 months which was so close to an entire year straight which would've been cool to do again but anyways...

Back in February, I started off (as I normally have on my longer streaks) by joining alone and playing with people I normally don't.  lolaindigo christossss #ricardogv #fiestuki98 #amandyta and me merged a few times together to start it off. It was actually pleasant with them and there was little drama. Christian (lola) has always been one of my favorite people to play survivor with. He is such a good friend and loyal as fuck. So nice and just a good person to play games with.

Shortly after that, I joined forces with kiara_xoxo and her crew... quackattack817 #broncman789, #joshlyn34, #shellbelle, #redfabfoxy, #mouseter09.

This didn't last too long though until I then merged with the #Priv crew of bluejay7622, marwane, iigalaxyii, zoon, smuguy2012, maxi1234, #s73100, and hwest14. This was such a fun tribe to be a part of. We really would strategize and laugh all the time on call, and it was drama as fuck because two people were always getting mad at each other for something, but it really was fun. I enjoyed trying to get Maxi out for like 8 merges in a row bc that bitch did nothing (even less than andrew).

We lost some of them here and there and ultimately winded up merging with brandonpinzu, rebelman2227, mbarnish1, and dorkishbarbi. I love all of these people so much and they are such amazing friends and allies. Dorkish is by far one of my favorite people to play with bc that bitch is just funny af and always made the game fun. He is by far one of, if not, my top supporter especially in vivor and they just don't make them like that anymore.

Up next was the merge from hell, where #lemjam6 joined for the second time to ruin my streak. (We voted him out for 11th a few merges before this bc no one wanted him around). Thankfully, i survived a 4-4 vote and nmh95, littlemix, and kingb24 were loyal as fuck and such good friends to me that merge. None of them had to help me and they chose to work with me because we were friends and not give into bullying that was thrown their way by others. This was also where brittbritt decided to not help me and throw her vote and risking my streak on an algo (something I should've remembered more recently but I guess I'm a good person). I need to add she was also friends with Jake but she knew he joined solely to end my streak and not try to merge so yea.

Pinzu, Dorkish, Wes, Marwane, Andrew, Sam, Stefan, Red, Zay and Me had SEVERAL merges together and like yes we were dysfunctional, but everyone played their role, and it was very nice for a while. #iybf also was in there for a few merges.

Then two super tribes clashed and a new super tribe was formed after a merge or two. icebeast, natepresnell, and hisoka joined us along with #gigi10. The first three continued on and were people I immediately trusted and knew I wanted to work with moving forward. admir joined us soon after and stefan got booted for 11th :(

Xanny took the reigns and basically made it his tribe but I just let him think that. Definitely brought us closer during my streak and he's a great friend and hope to grow that friendship!

After a few merges, jacksonjoseph99, #jdog, and #gigi10 merged with us and became part of the tribe. Jdog didn't last long but the other two did and Jackson ended up becoming my go to ally for a while. We always kept each other in check and really worked well together. (He might even be a bigger gamebot than me over survivor). Our mom laura21 joined us soon after this and was such a delight and wonderful person to work with. #_matt also had a brief stay with us.

Soon after, we merged against another super tribe and tonyalbright #brittbritt #sam_hamwich #washed_ravioli joined us.

The second merge from hell for me came soon after this when I went onto a tribe with #cheritaisdelicious #hobnobgpro #tyler93 and #christossss. We got a bad swap, and I knew I had to try to get an upper hand somehow. I was out of town at the beginning of this merge and had to rely on some allies and ended up voting out people that probably made the merge harder than it would've been had we not. (always can say that in hindsight). Anyways, this merge sucked, and I was promised stuff by friends that they went back on their word, and ultimately, I had to win the final few immunities or else I would have been voted out.

#kwiens18 also popped into the tribe sometime around here. He's a very underrated funny person.

A few merges later, mikec51 joined us and I was so fucking thankful. He's such a good friend and I knew I could count on him. I also enjoy just talking to him and he's so funny. #lemjam6 also joined our tribe for like the 3rd or 4th time in my streak, and he lasted one merge before everyone had gotten enough of him and voted him right back off.

fighterman then joined us and he was a gift from GOD needed at the perfect moment. He is funny as fuck and such a pleasure to play with. He sees things the same way I do, and this entire streak was so worth it because it made us closer again and healed some wounds I created. A very misunderstood loyal as fuck friend and one of the few who would publicly call shit out and defend me for no reason other than being a good friend.

After another merge or two, is when CYA + sheep began joining every merge against us. A mixture of them joined for 6 merges in a row which led to our tribe losing more challenges than we were used to and having to make tough decisions. I stayed loyal to Britt and still got blamed by stuff by her significant other and that whole situation could be more detailed in a different blog, but he used slurs when she got voted out and somehow, I was blamed but that's in the past. I stayed loyal to a friend, and I got shitted on for it, so I definitely made a mistake trying to keep her around over Kyle.

But ultimately and finally my torch was snuffed after my third merge from hell, and I tried my best to make it work but couldn't figure out a way. Just trusted the wrong people. cfff went against what CYA wanted and tried helping me. Brian and I have remained friends and people called him slurs and ended their friendship with him all because he voted with me in a survivor game LOL. It has always been weird to me when a friend stops being your friend just bc you and another one of their friends gets into some beef. Just screams toxicity, but I knew Brian had a mind of his own and wouldn't let bullying and toxic behavior from said people deter him from remaining true to his other friends. Such a King.

All in all, this was not even close to my longest streak, and I will never make it to 99 merges again, but I definitely met a lot of great people and really enjoyed the conversations, funny inside jokes, and arguments that resulted from all the merges.

octopusbubbles gets a special shoutout for being amazing and she merged off and on like several times, so I wasn't sure where to exactly place her. Unfortunately, she didn't have connections to the people I had been merging with and it always left her at the bottom, and I really did try several times to get her in but that momma had people too pressed to stay. Such a joy and one of my favorite people to merge with.

Me and Ahmed have some unfinished business to take care of in the next few weeks/months but once that is done, I will be getting my health back up and getting ready to go again so HMU if you want to join with me <3

P.S. I AM SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE BUT I WAS TRYING TO HIT THE HIGHLIGHTS. Every person who helped and was a part of even a single vote in a single merge mattered and I appreciate you at all.

Also in addition to the above people,

Special S/O to

For offering encouragement and letting me randomly vent in pms or while we were slaying fortnite or whatever. Much love to yall <3

EDIT: AND #Vish for wishing me that one of her Gods would end my streak like he ended an entire city


Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 1, 2021
Humm :(
Sent by nenalalala,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by Maxi1234,Dec 1, 2021
omg not 53. KING
Sent by Arris,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by Times_Places,Dec 1, 2021
still slayin surv after all these years, congrats on the long streak!
Sent by underwzc,Dec 1, 2021
Omg I will never forget the priv survivor drama

Glad I could be a part of your legacy, love you!
Sent by hwest14,Dec 1, 2021
No damn clue how you did it. Best survivor player ever
Sent by KrisStory,Dec 1, 2021
Will read this later and cry +17
Sent by nmh95,Dec 1, 2021
You played a damn well great game of survivor! Be proud :)
Sent by Rebelman2227,Dec 1, 2021
Your streak wasn't ended by stronger than you, but by those jealous of you. 🕊
Sent by Admir,Dec 1, 2021
this isnt even a shady question (for a change) but how tf do you remember all this did you keep an ongoing journal
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by LittleMix,Dec 1, 2021
Love you so much one of my faves ever fr fr ❤️
Sent by mikec51,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by stuartlittle16,Dec 1, 2021
mathboy9 I just went through them after I was voted out today, and mentioned the people and a brief statement (if i could remember). I'm sure I missed people and events that happened lol.

^ stuartlittle16 I should've included you towards the later part. My bad lol
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by Hisoka,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by FighterMan,Dec 1, 2021
aw I'm sad it finally ended for you. Thanks for the tag, glad I could be a part of your long streak (several times even!) I'm sorry I let you down a bit, but we discussed that privately after. I'm glad it wasn't your detriment at least.

I'm sure we will cross paths on a tribe again!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 1, 2021
aww this was so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy you so much and I'm always gonna root you on! You're one hell of a gameplayer and what you've accomplished is amazing! ❤️
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Dec 1, 2021
Love you 💚
Sent by tonyalbright,Dec 1, 2021
Good job on your streak! ♥️ You did so good and should be proud of your streak. Fun times :)
Sent by BrittBritt,Dec 1, 2021
Just trusted the wrong people. cfff went against what CYA wanted and tried helping me. Brian and I have remained friends and people called him slurs and ended their friendship with him all because he voted with me in a survivor game LOL. It has always been weird to me when a friend stops being your friend just bc you and another one of their friends gets into some beef. Just screams toxicity, but I knew Brian had a mind of his own and wouldn't let bullying and toxic behavior from said people deter him from remaining true to his other friends. Such a King.
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 1, 2021
great job boy <3
Sent by ricardogv,Dec 1, 2021
You slayed!! Honoured to have been apart of it for 24 merges
Sent by Bluejay7622,Dec 1, 2021
Oh wow that was like forever ago and you continued on!! That’s amazing good job
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Dec 1, 2021
:((( amazing job though!!
Sent by hobnobgpro,Dec 1, 2021
GJ :)
Sent by Tommeh208,Dec 1, 2021
RIP good shit
Sent by danyyboy67,Dec 1, 2021
Oh wow
Sent by sosyomomma,Dec 1, 2021
Kicking it with you for a month was a blast.  Sorry you got robbed
Sent by kwiens18,Dec 1, 2021
dad you deserved better
Sent by Singsongers,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by J2999,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by VanitySmurf,Dec 1, 2021
congrats king, sucks it came to end
Sent by mbarnish1,Dec 1, 2021
Congrats sjsoccer88. You’re an amazing player and I hope you made a lot of amazing connections during your streak. ❤️
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Dec 1, 2021
Sent by Christian_,Dec 1, 2021
plussed <3
Sent by _Matt,Dec 1, 2021
Well done brudda
Sent by kimmal8,Dec 1, 2021
what a king. ilysm <3 so proud of you
Sent by hamburgerbunzz,Dec 1, 2021
nooooo, king :(
It had to have continued, what a situation. but you were amazing
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Dec 1, 2021
it's giving halley
Sent by Hunty,Dec 1, 2021
You absolutely killed it and should be proud, hella impressive
Sent by Marwane,Dec 2, 2021
I think this needs a table to explain who was with you at which part
Sent by J4ckWilko,Dec 2, 2021
Sent by fiestuki98,Dec 2, 2021
Sent by Fares,Dec 2, 2021
Congrats king
Sent by mouseter09,Dec 2, 2021
congrats buddy. I was ROBBED early in that streak
Sent by jdog,Dec 3, 2021

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