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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

This is a very fun group game

Nov 2, 2021 by sjsoccer88
based on the show Alice in Borderland! 

It is a long term game and the best part is you can reapply even after you "die" in a game. There is at least one game everyday and sometimes multiple (all at different time slots). You don't have to play every game or you can

Please join and help me, cocovanderbilt, and byleth as we try to assemble an army to get revenge on those who contributed to our deaths on Day 2


tht sounds so fun i would if i had time ily
Sent by peace123,Nov 2, 2021
Sent by Byleth,Nov 2, 2021
peace123 you should! Bc if you die, all you have to do is just reapply! Everyone sorta works together to get all the numbers of every suit
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 2, 2021
v fun!
Sent by brosky17,Nov 2, 2021

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