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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thJul 22, 2021 by sjsoccer88
imageWell. After holding onto gold level for around a decade, I finally had the urge and followed through with buying Sky Level.

I originally only bought gold to join stars way back when but now that diamond is available, I want to obtain that so this is a small stepping stone towards that (and also Bc it’s my 11 year anniversary - sad).

I haven’t done a PYN in awhile so go ahead and post it and I’ll give a very honest and blunt opinion about yourself whether good or bad.

maxi1234 - Maxine. We’ve had our ups and downs but I’ll always love ya and consider you a friend. We became quick friends last summer then sorta faded away but recently have gotten back closer. I really enjoy your humor and theatrics about the littlest things but please don’t ever join stars again for our sake :)
- Sincerely, Gramps

iigalaxyii - Worstie. I know saying that word alone just made about 100 people mald but that is OUR thing and always will be. Sometimes, I want to throw you against a wall but other times, I want put a muzzle on you. In all seriousness, no matter who you are friends with that I’m not and vice versa, we will always be there for each other and I consider you a true friend. I am so glad that we have gotten to know each other over the past several months and I genuinely enjoy calling with you because you always have the most outlandish and edgy takes but that’s what make you, you! 🐀

joey65409 - A king. We’ve played a few survivors together and you always have gotten the short end of the stick but I do wish we could play together and it not be like that. You’re also in the sports chat on Skype and so any sports fan on this site is a good person in my book! We aren’t that close but I respect you and think you are a very very nice and caring person from my interactions with you. I’m always down to talk!

sosyomomma - Drew. You are very funny and absolutely crazy but I love that about you. We haven’t always had the best relationship (especially before you came back to the site), but recently it’s been nice and I enjoy our banter whenever we’re in a group game or Skype chat together. Also thankful to have another old fart on the site to keep me looking young. Much love <3

eoin - We’re good right now but have had a very up and down friendship. I think we’ve both hurt each other at times but I never really felt like true malicious intent was there for any of it (both ways). I think sometimes you try too hard to please people and have certain people like you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done this as well. But just being you goes a long way. I am glad to be the main person to pronounce your name like coin instead of Owen! I think we have the potential to get closer but idk if that will happen Bc of our different circles or not. I consider us friends and I will always care for ya deep down no matter what.

galaxies - We aren’t really close and I sorta feel like there is a sorta slight off (I wouldn’t day dislike bc I don’t dislike you) between us if that makes sense. Anyways, I like most of your close friends on your friends list so I probably just need to get to know you better to form a better impression. I think sometimes you try a little too hard with your PYNs and stuff but at the end of the day, I also enjoy your banter I see around the site. Maybe we can talk or play a game together and see what happens from there!

skyler1822 - Queen. A longtime friend even though we don’t talk regularly or slay games like we used to. You’ve always had such class on this website which is hard to do. Very sweet, genuine and caring and just seeing how positively you interact with people on a daily basis is motivating and encouraging. Ily <3

danceynancy - Ty for the comment! I don’t know you at all so unfortunately I won’t be going into great lengths but I stalked and saw you’ve been around the site for a few years but just came back recently. I’ve always enjoyed new fresh users and so hopefully you can find some aspect of this site appealing and start to get more involved! Can always reach me through mails if you’d like to chat.

darktyphoon23 - Jannnnn. I want to thank the worst group game ever for bringing us way closer. I enjoy slaying fort with you all the time and giving you such a hard time for unnecessarily yelling during it. I think you are an underrated funny person underneath that BLAND BORING OLD facade. So glad to have someone near me in age and I just know we’re gonna be in the nursing home together in 5 years slaying each other in checkers and chess and ludo! Ily <3

johnny5599 - I don’t know you that well but I’ve seen you around. Mixed reviews on you it seems from what I’ve seen. I see some people go to bat for ya and others not so much. Probably just means you’re a real one and telling it like it is which I always respect.

funnehliner - Well. Our friendship has done a complete 180. We used to have so much beef years ago. I can’t even remember what all was said and what is was all over but I know it just got to a point where we couldn’t stand one another. Thankfully, time healed this and we made up last year and now you’re one of my longest snap streaks! I think you’re a very misunderstood but down to earth nice person. Hope we continue getting to know each other!

lemjam6 - Lol. We were best friends for years. Grew apart. Got close again. Then it just turned nasty. A friendship ruined by jealousy, manipulation, and vindictiveness. We’ve both changed. It’s ok I made new friends but it wasn’t to you. Your new friends were welcomed, mine weren’t. You couldn’t stand that I came out as gay and then flirted/etc. with people. Oh well. Hard to do where I live so I just wanted to enjoy myself here. I’ve developed close friendships to people who actually care about me and that I find common ground with and like interests. I’m actually ok with where we are at. I’m glad neither of us is trying to force something that is just not happening (at least for now and near future). I’ve been happier and I hope you have been as well. I don’t see eye to eye with your edginess and takes which you do just to do. I just wish I saw more self-awareness and kindness in certain situations. I do genuinely hope that you have the best life and live it happily wherever it takes you.

j2999 - Another person that I’ve done a complete 180 with. We didn’t really get along in games for awhile which caused friction outside them as well. I am so thankful that part is behind us. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you recently and bond in the pool party. You are so loyal to those you’re with and you are so fucking funny in your voice note drunk rants 😂. I do hope we continue to develop a friendship and maybe one day when I’m taking my Europe trip and watching as many futbol games as I can, we could go see one! Love ya mate

kingb24 - Chaseeee. It’s weird Bc like I really like you and always enjoy when we’re in a game or chat together but we’ve never been like super close? I know we each have our own friend groups and stuff and maybe that’s it Bc I don’t necessarily reach out to people about life things if I’m not in some sort of group chat with them. But you definitely are someone I have lots of respect for and I think you are a very sweet carrying person.

survivor8 - Mikeeee. We were never close but people always used to get us mixed up back in the day on here. I think you stole my spot in ETNAL if i remember correctly. Regardless, a cool guy and someone I've generally enjoyed seeing around the site.

amandabynes - Ty for joining my charity! We aren't close but we've spoken in a few games before. I am inspired by your weight loss journey that you had and I don't think you are an old act on the blogs page like everyone else does! I hope I get invited to your and cherry's wedding.

lexeyjane - Mixed opinions on this one. I personally don't have much for or against you. I have heard a lot of negative things said about you around the site and in group chats but not personal experience with that. I wish I could write more but we just arent that close :(

iSandeh - Caleb we have had our ups and downs for sure. Sometimes I find you very annoying and other times very funny. I think you do fall trap into pleasing certain people and then mimicking them but overall, I think it comes from a good place. We got really close last summer and then had some group game stuff get in the way and it got personal, but I do consider you a friend and ik you told me to say something mean but I can only do that if I actually feel it so!

gigi10 - LOL. Probably one of the biggest 180's for sure. If you told me anytime before a few months ago, that we'd ever be more than acquaintances at best ever in our lives, I would've laughed and probably bet my life saving that it would never happen... but here we are! I am glad the stubbornness between us is gone and I have really enjoyed playing fort with you and conversing in pool party. Staying mad at people is never fun especially for how trivial ours was. I hope we continue to stay on good terms and build some more onto our friendship. I am also glad you are knowledgeable and passionate about sports too which I think will help us connect more. Because we definitely need some sports talk in our chat with all the other bs that talked about :)

s73100 - Oh Sam. Years ago, we were not on good terms and did not get along. Surprisingly, you have grown into one of my best friends on here within the past year. Little bumps here and there and I know we both annoy each other like siblings sometimes but at the end of the day, I love you to death and we have gotten so close. You know things about me that no one else or very few do and I really think you are smart and have so much going for you in life. Future biologist that is going to save this world from dying <3 You are funny, sweet and a good friend to so many including me. Thanks for being you and making my past year so enjoyable on here!

brandonpinzu - I wish I could call you something bannable but I am a good boy. We used to be so tight and then had some survivor drama and we both drifted away from the site at different times of the past 3-4 years, but you have always been someone I can truly trust on here. The amount of shit you have had to put up with is remarkable but you handle it with such a poise and professionalism. You are going to make the best lawyer ever and I can't wait to hire you from Canada to come down to fight my legal battles for me in Alabama! The info you and me have shared and the trust that comes with it is unparalleled. I can literally just message you randomly about anything and you are always there to listen and converse. Likewise with me. We see eye to eye on almost every single thing which is so crazy bc I am hard to get along with. Anyways, thanks so much for being one of my best friends and being there for me along the way. I love you so much pig <3

mbarnish1 - Mattttttt. A true king. We have always had a great friendship especially this past year. I will always hold the nights we all played Jackbox for hours. That was near the start of quarantine and it was such a nice break from everything going on in the world. We work well together in games and you have always been so nice to me. Thanks for being such a great friend!

bluelagoon506 - Vish. The one who has been there through it all. I love you so much. So much so that you will never know because it's hard for me to express gratitude towards close friends often. We have had many lows and highs and it's been rocky but I wouldn't trade it with anyone else. We get each other. We both have dark twisted humor that I can't share with other people and likewise with what you say to me. Someone dies, we laugh. It's not inhumane, it's our way of coping and dealing with things in life. Plus laughing is just fun. Your birthday gift this year was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. It really meant the world to me especially with everything going on! I do hope one day we can meet in jacksonville or orlando and hang out. I know we will be drinking our asses off. Neither of us can understand a single thing the other one says bc of our accents so add some alcohol to that and we might as well just stay mute. Thanks for you being you and always being there for me no matter what is going on in my life. We will ALWAYS remain friends and if I was only able to stay in contact with one person from this site until I die, it would be you. <3

marwane - Vape Bro. Sup Dude. Marweenie, it has been such a pleasure becoming your friend this past year. I think you are fucking hilarious even if people pick on you all the time. I love seeing you get worked up over the most trivial shit but that is what makes you, you. I will forever be grateful for when you and chris added me to that call randomly when yall returned to the site and we sat on call and talked then I was added to #priv. One of the best things that has happened recently and I hope we continue to stay friends and grow from what we have. ily man!

admir - I want to be a patient of yours so bad. Let me know where your office is located and I am going to fly and make whatever injury or disease I need to come see you for you to operate on me. Jk (partly). We used to be a lot closer than we are now but I've always enjoyed you and think you are such a funny and great person. I consider you a friend and a Loyal king forever :)

anthousai - My mother. After your infamous voice note in ETC about me, I really didn't think we'd ever been this close. I am so ever thankful for your group game and us all becoming so close lately. I think you're hilarious as fuck and I love your voice messages randomly coming in on skype about VV or other shit. The fact you got a butterfly tattoo for me is just so special. But really, I think you are so great and so hot. The straights and gays all obsess over you. I can't wait for the meetup one day even tho you still think I'm psycho. I just hope you wear your butch outfit and i'll wear my VV attire :)

pureessence - I'll be honest. You weren't always someone I was that fond of. Not bc I had any reason to dislike you, but I have always not really cared for people who are so openly nice and seem like they can't dislike anyone even though they really do. Thankfully, I have had the PRIVilege to get to know you lately and you are such a gem and light to those around you. You genuinely care for people and it shows through your interactions on here. I am glad i was wrong about you and you are on my shortlist of people that I want to get to know more on a one-on-one basis to just establish that base that most good friendships have. We've had spurts where we've chatted and what not but nothing too substantial so hopefully that'll change soon and we can become BESTIES.

mikec51 - Ughhhh. Such a great guy. We got really close, really quickly. Kinda lost that but will forever be a great friend because of that too. I was thankful to be able to talk to you about work (ik boring) because we both are in our respective fields and in that stage of our lives and it helps to have those types of people around too that really just get you and understand. You're also hot so that helps ;) Thanks for being there for me over the past year or so and I hope we always stay in touch.

christian_ - One of the worst things that has happened to me recently. Ok I wanted to put on the fake mean charade that everyone does nowadays to their best friends but I simply can't do that. I just have two words for you and that is Thank You. Thank you so much for your friendship to me especially as of late. We have gotten so fucking close, and I normally get a little scared getting so close to someone so quickly but this just feels normal and not weird like getting to know people quickly has in the past for me. I think you are so smart and kind. You're level headed and have such a calming presence about you. I have thoroughly enjoyed slaying fort, ludo, game pigeon, group games (minus redacted), etc. with you as of late. You are my go to friend and have been there for me already in dark times even in such a short time frame. I truly appreciate you and am so thankful our paths crossed enough times that this time it stuck and we have been able to develop our friendship. You have so much going for you in life and I hope you teach those kids how to be as amazing  as yourself and I can't wait for our Texas meetup soon!!! Ily _

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AHHHHH this fucked with my mind

congrats ❤️
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i'm bald. we're twinning!
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Congrats ! :)
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that looks so weird
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I’m so bald. Congratulations king
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i was just looking at ur profile for like 5 min wondering "wow thats crazy he has so much karma and hes only gold" for u to buy sky. im in shock
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hugs sky scotty
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Didn’t know we joined so close together. My 11 year is in 2 weeks. Congrats! Bet you didn’t think you’d still be on this website today 11 years ago bc I sure as hell didn’t even this site would still exist.
Sent by disneygeek,Jul 22, 2021
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Sure lol
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congrats ❤️ and sim!
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Congrats!! :)
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TOTO. PLS PLS PLS DO ME sjsoccer88
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Me if you ever update
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marie PLS
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Omggg I’m late
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Wish I saw this earlier tragic. Congrats! It's weird seeing you not super gold
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Yesssss ♥️♥️♥️
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congrats scuba Scott
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🥺🥺🥺 love u scotty
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grats king
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