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  1. I am drunk Imi.
  2. I am D E A D @
  3. I don't even know him but why is...
  4. Hey!
  5. LMAO how can you cheat for 30 merges
  6. The multis and cheating must stop in survivor
  7. And their red noses are gone within a minute
  8. This is fucking bullshit
  9. Well my theory of farthest left
  10. Your highest ranked Gold Level is back
  11. Imagine being so bitter for no reason
  12. SMH
  13. Wow... I am shocked!
  14. Ranking the Alphabet...
  15. Algo and God are still on my side :)
  16. Just got a "Defamation of Character"..
  17. When Algo and God are looking out for you...
  18. Two down. 4 more to go :)
  19. PYN and I’ll tell you if I’d
  20. One down. 5 more to go :)
  21. Imagine being 55 and stalking someone
  22. Welp!
  23. Posted 3 cheap 80T$ designs!
  24. What a great week for me to go to a
  25. Quick Big Brother Blog Game: Winner...
  26. :O
  27. Quick Big Brother Blog Game: FINAL 2
  28. Quick Big Brother Blog Game: Final HoH
  29. Quick (~1 hour tops) Big Brother Blog Game
  30. Posted 3 designs! 350T$ a piece
  31. For all you young people or the ones who never..
  32. LMAO trying to do a Gift 4 Gift and
  33. Posted 2 new items! Both 350T$
  34. Me getting 4th in TRS AND
  35. You don’t LOL
  36. Wow!
  37. Shops
  38. TRS Speech until admin will post it
  39. Why don’t you get me next time unless
  40. Another Pokémon design!


Sep 1, 2018 by sjsoccer88

Silver eyes but I’m drunk buy it don’t or do

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