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Why Anas is a disgusting person and player...

3rdAug 31, 2018 by sjsoccer88
A truthful blog exposing the true spirit and person that anas is and not the one Tengaged gets to see.
Brought to you by: The rest of the Target Stars cast

Tanya, 11:55 PM
he has to go

Tanya, 11:56 PM
that's such bullshit.

Tanya, 11:56 PM
and he masquerades like he's a nice guy

Tanya, 11:57 PM
what an ass.

Tanya, 11:58 PM
he came to me after I was out and told me how I must have really low self worth and shouldn't let people treat me like that

Tanya, 11:58 PM
"Can I just say

I hope one day as a girl you learn to love yourself enough to not let men trample all over you and treat you the way they have this game and take it

If my young nieces ever allowed someone to lash out at them and without an apology continue to suppor them

I’d feel embarrassed

About the type of girl we have raised"

Tanya, 11:59 PM
Seriously. Jerk.

Tanya, 12:01 AM
"Ali is the one who brought your name up but somehow nominating me makes sense

You are so clueless Tanya

Or even worse

You know but you don’t see enough self worth to do anything abut it"

Aaliyah, 10:28 PM
Anas acts likes he is better than everyone or higher than us all, I want to pop him in his mouth.

Aaliyah, 10:30 PM
All I did was say
"Wow, I am shocked I stayed"
and he said
"ok, and?"

Aaliyah, 10:54 PM
[11:45:52 PM] Aaliyah: Well, I was just curious if I am being nominated again, since you can tell I'll easily go home. Lol.
[11:46:10 PM] Anas.: Do you think anyone is telling me anything?
[11:46:17 PM] Aaliyah: No.
[11:49:10 PM] Anas.: Then why are you asking

Aaliyah, 10:54 PM
He's so rude lol.

Aaliyah, 8:09 AM
How did I play personal when I don't even know the guy outside of this game.

Anas., 10:18 PM
I have immunity next round. I give 0 fucks about being up. Locked in Ali and Steven

Anas., 10:18 PM
Whoever wants to watch them foreplay their way to f2 be my guest

Sjsoccer88, 10:22 PM
LMAO i want to know why anas is all of a sudden coming for me

Anas., 10:22 PM
Ali when you’re done pretending Suzy is your sister when you want to fuck her deep down

Anas., 10:22 PM
Come to me about delusion

A, 10:23 PM
keep my girls name out or bitch ass mouth

A, 10:23 PM
no one fucking mentioned shit about personal life

Anas., 10:23 PM

Anas., 10:23 PM

A, 10:23 PM
its got nothing to do with her

Anas., 10:23 PM

A, 10:23 PM
whats it to u

Anas., 10:24 PM
*wait girl...?

A, 10:24 PM
i fuck ur girl if i wanted to

A, 10:24 PM
this shit has nothing to do with her

Anas., 10:24 PM
Guys poll time

Anas., 10:24 PM
Sister or Girl??

A, 10:25 PM
sucks to be a jeaous bitch Anas.

Anas., 10:25 PM
I’m not into incest Ali sorry

A, 10:25 PM
good thing i give 0 fucks

Anas., 10:26 PM
Ali it’s okay I won’t bring up your sister again

Sjsoccer88, 10:26 PM
Anas why are you so pathetic. Just seems like the person who would attack someone who cant even defend themselves in a chat

Sjsoccer88, 10:54 PM
he really is. Like that day when he tried to nom me
he was talking to me ALL day and we made up etc. and then all the while he was in everyone else's ear about getting us up and it blindsided me. i was like wtf. and he just went psycho
The only time I’ve spoken to him is when he was apologizing etc. all while trying to get me nommed! Absolutely crazy. He’s unbearable to play with

tryphena (Tanya)
ak73 (A)


you sponsored all those other people but not me steve???
Sent by LittleMix,Aug 31, 2018
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Aug 31, 2018
I personally like him, it's a good move on your part though to post this though to try sway the public, smart actually =P I still love ya Anas you loser xD
Sent by dandoe,Aug 31, 2018
dandoe well unfortunately he’s been a jackass to all of us even throwing personal attacks to people when they haven’t even nominated him. I’m not sure why he’s being so disgusting especially to Tanya and Aaliyah
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 31, 2018
sjsoccer88 you could have asked him this but you posted it publicly which makes me think you care less about Tanya/Aaliyah and more so about trying to manipulate public opinion, which is a good strategy for the game tbf, it's just a little obvious haha, this is standard drama you see in stars, I was once threatened to be killed over a frooks lel, I enjoy the drama though so keep it up cast!
Sent by dandoe,Aug 31, 2018
dandoe they wanted me to post it. We cannot talk to him one on one because he belittled and degrades you. He is unbearable to talk to and tries to play the victim when he is the aggressor
I just want his “friends” to see how he truly acts and so does everyone else
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 31, 2018
sjsoccer88 fair enough, I don't think the way people act in games is their true self though, I think out of games is where the true person is revealed, there's plenty of fakery, lies, backstabbing, drama etc in games but that doesn't mean that's who they are lol but I'll leave it at that, gl with the rest of the game king, keep making it entertaining! =D
Sent by dandoe,Aug 31, 2018
Thank you! dandoe
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 31, 2018
He recommend me a really good podcast tbh
Sent by JetsRock12,Aug 31, 2018
Anas spoke to me about this today on WhatsApp, so I knew about this before you shared this blog to me.

TBH he recognised that what he posted was bad and he will probably apologise for it when the tensions dissipate.

All I think really is that he's frustrated with the game, lack of sleep and working full time. Not excuses, but can explain why he blew up like this.
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Aug 31, 2018
catch_a_falling_star I am glad you posted that. We’ve all tried to be civil with him but he always turns it back against us and says something negative. This game does wear you down emotionally for sure
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 31, 2018
@sjsoccer98 LMAO IF YOU THINK THIS IS BAD try playing stars with me @sjosccer88
not to be rude but this seems rather tame and boring and not even dramatic at all and seems like an attempt to call him out for him to lose publicity because you all realized he was popular when you guys tried to get him out in two really poorly composed nonsensical nomsets. However, I am not in the house and I do not know all of what anas has been saying. However, from an outside perspective this seems a tad bit YAWN, but maybe he has said worse in the house idk
Sent by koolness234,Aug 31, 2018
sjsoccer88 Idk why i thought it was 98 flop me
Sent by koolness234,Aug 31, 2018
Sent by TaraG,Aug 31, 2018
koolness234 oh I know it’s not the worst. And From my point of view they aren’t nonsensical when the other option was to have me up on the block against someone I couldn’t beat. I did what I needed to do. Maybe dumb for others but not me
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 31, 2018
Yeah I mean nom the peple you need to nom to remain safe, however the nomsets where still highly nonsensical and now that you explained it as a save your ass method, it kinda clears you up from making those poor nomset however, I would still need an explanation on how anyone thought those nomsets were smart if they were not a counter and were not going up
Sent by koolness234,Aug 31, 2018
I read through all and nothing personal but i dont see anything that Anas said that was actually harmful, i mean there are things i wouldnt say but doesnt mean its a reason to label him as a bad person or unbearable. No shade but if youre trying to make him lose popularity, you should try harder Steve LOL this was tamed. Still like u tho but come on
Sent by sihz,Aug 31, 2018
None of the things about tryphena are close to the truth .. I went to her for advice often
Sent by ak73,Aug 31, 2018
A, 10:24 PM
i fuck ur girl if i wanted to

Sent by Piddu,Aug 31, 2018

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