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  1. Hello
  2. Hey
  3. Happy New Year!
  4. Posted Pink Male Sweater!
  5. BOGO for Christmas Hat!
  6. Reminder that Cirie Fields was ROBBED
  7. Most of you need Tengaged and the internet
  8. Posted! Christmas Hat :)
  9. LOL People are going to riot here tomorrow
  10. Voted in the Alabama special election...
  11. Posted blonde female hair!
  12. Posted Dark Red Lips!
  13. Get your Warrior Wings or Green Christmas top!
  14. It's snowing in Alabama!
  15. Post who on Tengaged you'd rather have
  16. Posted for 250! Eff Off :)
  17. Who wants Mrs. Claus design???
  18. Why the hell was
  19. Want to look like
  20. 29 merges and no more!
  21. Posted Christmas Globe!
  22. Here is a good fix whether angry or happy!
  23. Get those rainbow eyes at only 350!
  24. Posted Male Rainbow Eyes for 350!
  25. What do yall want posted for 350?
  26. Who would be interested in a quick stars
  27. Gift Paige light pink lips! :)
  28. Posted!
  29. These shops prices!
  30. Whoever maturo's secret donor is
  31. Really...
  32. Will be posting cheap later!
  33. GIFT GIVEAWAY: Guess the Avatar
  34. 1st gift giveaway blog coming up!
  35. I will be doing 2 gift giveaways in the next..
  36. I got out on Q1
  37. I have 10 spots left on my gifting shop
  38. I will be competing in shops this week!
  39. War Eagle!!!
  40. Yay I finally got my shop!

Who wants Mrs. Claus design???

Dec 7, 2017 by sjsoccer88

I will be gifting 1 person. I want you to either give me a good reason to gift yourself or a friend. Write a quick witty comment or a few sentences about why I should gift you/your friend. And i'll pick my favorite.


gift Question he has always been such an amazing person and he is super sweet and deserves more designs!
Sent by Brxan,Dec 7, 2017
Sent by Batya,Dec 7, 2017
Me cause I have no Christmas designs and would love to be in the Christmas spirit!
Sent by Jameslu,Dec 7, 2017
If I were you I would gift the design to Anthousai, Here is why

For many nights she wishes she had a title, a reputation, something she could have for herself. The problem is though, she was a hoe and she admitted it and she wont take that back cause she did that shit, she was a hoe. So now that she has her two mister clauses I think its time she put on a mrs clause to not only have a title for herself but to severely please her two mister clauses !
Sent by Hisoka,Dec 7, 2017
^^^^^ Jameslu needs a Christmas design but reason is also such a great person who is so kind to everyone, a truly amazing person!
Sent by Krisstea,Dec 7, 2017
Also plussed btw
Sent by Hisoka,Dec 7, 2017
gift me or batya the rest of the people here are loser faggots
Sent by Kelly0412,Dec 7, 2017
yes that was the declaration of independence... thank me later
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Dec 7, 2017
I’m a little embarrassed cos I just said I have a lovely bunch of coconuts
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Dec 7, 2017
Aww thank you Krisstea, you're too kind :) <3
Sent by Jameslu,Dec 7, 2017

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