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  1. I thought it was good tbh
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  13. sorry to have to blog this but
  14. Shit scared
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  18. Hi my name is andy
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  20. How much money
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  22. LMFAO
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  24. If anyone can guess the name
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  36. For every 25 points this gets
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  38. how many tickets do you think you need
  39. no more drugs for me
  40. Why Twinkies are "going" out of business

Hi my name is andy

Dec 23, 2012 by sirbeastly
and im a cocaine addict


That's cute darling.
Sent by Insanity,Dec 23, 2012

Please plus!
Sent by Baseball12,Dec 23, 2012
oh you!
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 23, 2012

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