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Aus Survivor 2022 E01

Feb 11, 2022 by sihz
I forgot how much i enjoyed their storytelling format, the only thing is episodes are ETHERNAL it felt like i was watching a movie.

- i have a love hate relationship with sandra but seeing her competing on aus sv appears to be refreshing to me, her daughter acts just like her and i have to stan both of them so hard and i can tell that the latter is gonna be one to watch out for unless she overplays and gets out early
- i hated andy on his season and this season, the first boot couldnt have been better
- chrissy mom
- the men are surprisingly not as obnoxius tryhards as in the US version, alex king!
- overall a 9/10 episode if it wasnt overrun by the women, men need to stop it up
- my only critique is that tribal council arent as alive as in the US version, it always feels dark and sad in AUS sv when they should be more awake to keep the audience attention. Perhaps its the editing.


Sent by s73100,Feb 11, 2022

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