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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

this company truly

Feb 9, 2022 by sihz
gives 0 fucks about me

ive had covid for about 10 days now and although im much better than last week i still have symptoms and the only thing they been asking all week is if i can come back to the office cuz theres a shitton of things to review. Theyve been passive aggressively telling me "we expect you to come tomorrow"

So today i had enough and told them basically that i'll only show up if my health allows it cuz even though i could go for a couple hrs, thats very irresponsible behaviour knowing i can still spread it to them (on top of the fact i dont feel 100% well), so anything they need from me they can mail me or send audios just like ive been doing. I cant wait to get this project over with and get the fck out of here

Its been so long since a work environment put me through so much shit, i have no desire to work with these people anymore. And I just wanna curl up in my bed and watch series all day with 0 responsabilities


I hope you feel better soon Sergio ❤️
Sent by RoughNightBro,Feb 9, 2022
la mejor opción es salir de latinoamerica!
Sent by Absolutely,Feb 9, 2022

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