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the saddest part

Dec 18, 2021 by sihz
of holidays is the constant firecrackers sounds in the streets. My poor dog Tyrion always finds a way inside the house anxious and scared of them :(

Even worse, they can lead kids with autism to be taken to the ER so if youre one of those people, please dont be an idiot and dont play with firecrackers. Thank you


:( people are such assholes
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 18, 2021
As someone who is very sensitive to loud noises, I don’t think it’s fair to expect others to not have fun because someone ppl or animals can’t handle loud noises. Unless it’s illegal, in that case it rly depends on ur state.
Sent by Fetish,Dec 18, 2021
:( hugs Tyrion sm
Sent by Christian_,Dec 18, 2021
tyrion is a dog
Sent by semajdude,Dec 18, 2021
there are many other ways to have fun that arent harmful to others fetish i could be very much entertained by breaking people's windows but you dont see me doing it, do you?

and they are legally prohibited too.
Sent by sihz,Dec 18, 2021
If they are prohibited where u live then I could agree but it varies from state to state. No one should have to refrain from doing something legal and fun on their own property because your DOG doesn’t like it. That’s ridiculous. U or ur dog’s triggers aren’t other people’s problem.
Sent by Fetish,Dec 18, 2021
semajdude bark bark bark

sihz I’m right here bro. They kind of just scare the shit out of me but it’s okay.
Sent by Tyrion,Dec 18, 2021

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