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Crazy week

Dec 17, 2021 by sihz
next sunday we got elections, my mom hated my candidate cuz she found him annoying but i turned her on our side today after brainwashing her for the greater good omg 😍 and then on the same day during a car ride with my dad he was like: youre voting Boric right? and im like: yeah, that other nazi is no joke, hes literally the grandson of a nazi with german roots too and he goes like: oh i wouldnt be so sure, maybe hes not.. and im like: you just need 5 minutes analyzing the hate speech he preaches

love my homophobic dad sm still tho 😍 even tho he thinks the gay community is becoming bigger and bigger everyday (in a concerning way) bc in old days that wasnt a thing and im not sure how thats a problem 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

anyway hows your week been doing girls and guys and my non binary pals too!


Aw, your parents sound...interesting. Hope your candidate wins!!!

I had a busy week, and the power was out at my house for 29 hours and that sucked :(
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 17, 2021
We love homophobic dads
Sent by mikec51,Dec 17, 2021
thank you cheritaisdelicious i think my anxiety has been peaking lately bc of it, i know it aint a big deal but if u knew who the other candidate is.. literal chilean trump/bolsonaro
anyway was it a big storm or.. like the company just fucked up? cuz been there done that lmao..

ur my fav homophobic dad mikec51
Sent by sihz,Dec 17, 2021
sihz storm, there were outages scattered throughout my city after a huge windstorm.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 17, 2021

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