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For the second time in my life

Nov 28, 2021 by sihz
I received a death threat 2 days ago from someone who got into an argument with someone close to me and i was brought into it. And its my problematic cousin in the words of "i'll beat the shit out of you or sergio wherever i find you". I got a hello text at 5am and a missing call this morning from an unknown number who appears to be his friend, thats how he likes to operate.

Hes physically and mentally abused his family for the past 2 years (unfortunately they live a block away from me so ye im terrified) to the point we had to shelter his sister and her daughter several times in my house for their wellbeing.

So im not gonna take this threat lightly and im going to formally file a report in a minute with evidence of such intentions but im still scared as hell knowing the consequences this could cause bc i legit did nothing to him, ive very much cut contact because of this behaviour but i was brought into a heated argument that had nothing to do with me. Im just typing away bc i already had conversations with the person that involved me in the argument and im upset about it thinking i might move out of my city when im just living my life peacefully not causing problems to anyone around me. People are so miserable that they need to bring others down


that sounds horrible, I'm so sorry
I think filing a report is the right thing to do, after all how else is he going to stop? But I understand completely if you're worried about what it may result in. I'm not sure, is it kept confidential?

You're a great guy, try not to let it bring you down <3
Sent by Tommeh208,Nov 28, 2021
That's so scary. That's really unfair to you and it's sad you are living your life in fear. I hope everything turns out okay.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Nov 28, 2021
Scary. Just be wearyyyy of your surroundings and shit. That's what I'd say. Stay safe brother <3
Sent by Tyler93,Nov 28, 2021
firstly im going to file a record as precedent in case the intentions are materialized but i need to be assessed by the police on the impact of an actual report for threat which, by law, is a crime. If its kept confidential then i might do it tommeh208

thanks for the wishes cheritaisdelicious tyler93
Sent by sihz,Nov 28, 2021
vente conmigo mi rey :(
Sent by ManniBoi,Nov 28, 2021

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