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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

The Black Alien Project

Nov 17, 2021 by sihz
is possibly one of the most bizarre things ive seen in my life, and i only found out this morning.

The guy was so hot before and hes gone through multiple extreme body modifications to look like an alien, im petrified. Im not linking anything on here, so look him up on insta @the_black_alien_project


I would like to see him. I will go look now.
Sent by Thirteen,Nov 17, 2021
id figure youd love it thirteen i forgot to tag u
Sent by sihz,Nov 17, 2021
Very shocking. Before he could've had any woman or man he wanted. Not so much now.
Sent by Thirteen,Nov 17, 2021
LMFAO thirteen i wonder if that makes him more or less of a target for an abduction now
Sent by sihz,Nov 17, 2021

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