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I miss some of my tg old school friends

Sep 27, 2021 by sihz
when i was in college i used to videochat with #mattygeee and banjoooo /banjo (i still have him on social media but he takes eons to reply) about the most random shit all the time and mintcokeify was just so funny though her time zone was god awful. I wonder how theyre doing.. if any of you still has contact with them, say hi from me i hope theyre well


mattygeee was soooooo goooood
Sent by Survivor8,Sep 27, 2021
I miss mintcokeify
Sent by brightongal,Sep 27, 2021
omg i talk to ashleigh every few months!! she messages me on skype sometimes and it's so nice to hear from her!

i miss mattygee toooooooo =[[
Sent by Phenomanimal,Sep 27, 2021

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