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I binged The Traitors S1 in 2 days

Sep 23, 2023 by sihz
I liked the format, it was very much Town of Salem as a reality show. Cirie played flawlessly, she was soooo ruthless and it hurt me the most when she blindsided Cody and Arie right in front of their faces and Andie's reaction at the end was also a hard pill to swallow. A reality show hasnt made me feel this way in a while

I however think that recruiting Arie midway to join the traitors was a huge mistake on production's part bc Cody had just been cut and it was top 10-11 with now 3 traitors again? they already had a huge advantage, yeah i didnt like that.
The ending format also i was very fond of bc people could still be getting blindsided and thats when Cirie's alliances played a huge part in her winning.
The challenges, most of all were fun but at the end it was pointless i ended up skipping a couple of them. The host was my favorite though, he was able to stay in that dramatic character the entire time which made the gameplay feel a lot more real

My personal faves to watch on a gameplay level were definitely Cirie, Arie and Brandi
For entertainment purposes i was more appealed to watch Kate, Brandi and Cirie ig. Kate was soooo effortlessly funny and unserious lmfaoooo Brandi was so good at reading like she was not breaking a sweat but she had every little bitch in their place but was too smart for Cirie, Cody and Chris
The dumbest player to me was Quentin, he talked so much without saying anything and for someone who works as a political analyst he was extremely erratic and useless.
And we were so robbed of seeing Reza fuckkkkkkk

I was GREATLY surprised by Cody finally showing emotions though, he won me over ngl like i would have felt crushed if someone did that to me but also he fucked up.

Yeah im waiting on season 2 of which the cast has already been leaked, its gonna be a BOMB with Sandra, Parvati, Janelle, Bananas and Pepperminttttttt


Yeah this is my favorite iteration of Cody
Sent by hwest14,Sep 23, 2023

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