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GH Chile ranking week 01&02 [so far]

Jun 29, 2023 by sihz
imageGreatest ranking shifts:
- Hans, too shy on first week but he's growing on me
- Estefania, insufferable on week 1 but has become chill ever since her W1 nomination and accidentally caused Ariel's nomination last night. MOM
- Ruben, i didnt know much about him on W1 but he seems like a great dude but he needs to stand up for himself when others make fun of him
- Fran, she's queen when she's by herself but has associated herself with Lucas (he doesnt wash his ass nor showers, the swimming pool has turned green only for his acarus) and has said some unfortunate things like calling Constanza a whore
- Trinidad, she was cool on W1 but she's too sensitive and the more she tries to avoid conflict, the more she's involved in it. She needs to own it
- Jorge, I want to hate him and I love his random rivalry with Monica. We need more footage of him making bread in just underwear
- Viviana, she's getting Estefania W1 edit. She needs to tone it down
- Fernando, his only personality trait is being in love with Alessia and his voice is like nails on a blackboard. Boring as fuck, an actual ikea furniture

Special shoutout to Jennifer, obssesive over keeping the house clean and calling it like it is all the time. Queen of witchery and the nomination chair. MOM



I was so happy my mom Jennifer survived the eviction
Sent by Christian_,Jun 29, 2023
omg.. u watch too christian_?? shes literally talking on live feeds rn about how her friend had her swimming full of hair grease 馃槶 i hope her friend is watching cuz she said her name too, like why would we evict her?
Sent by sihz,Jun 29, 2023
Maite def the best one ever she was my fav since week 1 and she still my fav so far LOL also I stan Francisca (even tho she鈥檚 getting cancelled now) and Skarleth bc she鈥檚 so cute

My ranking would be
1. Maite
2. Skarleth
3. Francisca
4. Jorge
5. Monica
6. Constanza
7. Trinidad
8. Estefania
9. Alessia
10. Rub茅n
11. Viviana
12. Hans
13. Lucas
14. Fernando
15. Francisco
16. Ariel
17. Jennifer
Sent by Absolutely,Jun 29, 2023

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