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i just cant believe

Jun 25, 2023 by sihz
how bad Tyra fucked up ANTM 17 with that All Stars cast

cast was amazing (Sheena to me was the only sneak)
great prizes (Covergirl and Vogue Magazine)
incredible location like Greece
they had momentum in production budget after successful C15 and C16

Only for them to have:
terrible photoshoot concepts, i mean the first one being in the backyard?? and the bar catfight?? NeNe and Snooki?? hello?
awful guests like Kim Kardashian
forcing the reality tv personalities into their modelling careers
flavoring Angelea in the bottom to make her win, only to take it away from her at the end
final runway show was an absolute flop
Tyra being the center of attention everywhere she could in the music videos and motion editorial

They could have done so much more
like how do u mess that UP?


Allison being runner up again… Lisa winning of all people
Sent by Xyris,Jun 25, 2023
i mean Allison wasnt ready either xyris i would have made Dominique win but thats just me, she was the complete package imo. Great photos, great personality, great walk, very professional, EVERYTHING.

Lisa winning was just so predictable after that rollercoaster of a season
Sent by sihz,Jun 25, 2023
sihz I honestly forgot about her but yeah looking back her pictures were stunning
Sent by Xyris,Jun 25, 2023
XYRIS i mean come on

Sent by sihz,Jun 25, 2023
Don't do too much on Sheena ... she was the only girl who stood up for Isis against the transphobic girls on her original season.
Sent by Jasmina,Jun 25, 2023
okay tea jasmina she has a great personality but i still dont remember anything important from her storyline wise. I missed Jade/Furonda/Natasha/Chantal/Fatima/Aminat
Sent by sihz,Jun 25, 2023
pot ledom
Sent by NathanDamnit,Jun 25, 2023

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