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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

No seriously

May 13, 2023 by sihz
Who took over connorthomson's account? His blogs have been mad weird for a while now and he for sure does not use that language. Ive known him for over a decade and that avatar would not be his choice either


Sent by BbDamian,May 13, 2023
Omg! I like this Connor better!
Sent by JetsRock12,May 13, 2023
Clearly didn鈥檛 know me but ok tbf bbdamian you were an OC legend and had nothing really to do with me and I had nothing to do with you apart from you being an awesome game player
Sent by connorthomson,May 13, 2023
Ok then tell me the name of the soccer player you always talk to me about in mails connorthomson
Sent by sihz,May 13, 2023
Maybe he just loves the sharingan a lot - I don鈥檛 blame him! That was powerful af!
Sent by Kindred7,May 13, 2023
Sent by connorthomson,May 13, 2023
People change not only for the best
Sent by Hunty,May 13, 2023

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