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Kasha Davis should have won

Mar 24, 2023 by sihz
the glamazonian airways challenge and the music video parody challenge, i said it

i cannot wait for AS8 any longer


She was so robbed in glamazonian airways. No shade to Ginger of course. :/
Sent by UsernameThatWasFree,Mar 24, 2023
I didnt find Ginger's performance outstanding tbh usernamethatwasfree theres no way she outperformed kasha and kennedy, she did what was asked of her but she directed the team well
Sent by sihz,Mar 24, 2023
when Katya forgot the words lmao
Sent by tharealmike,Mar 24, 2023
Oh I agree! Ginger wasn't in my top 3 for the round (honestly Violet shouldn't have been in the top either).
Sent by UsernameThatWasFree,Mar 24, 2023
We all know who is winning this season
Sent by Vasquis,Mar 24, 2023
everyone did a pretty good job except for the correct bottom 3 usernamethatwasfree
i think we dont talk enough about Kandy, Jaidynn and Jasmine. They killed it
Sent by sihz,Mar 24, 2023
sihz Bottom 3 was Fame, Sasha and Katya right?

Also I agree on this. Jasmine had attitude, but she killed it for me in this challenge.

My personal three were Kasha, Jaidynn and idk why, but Max (More than likely because I am so biased on how much I love her lol)
Sent by UsernameThatWasFree,Mar 24, 2023
yes those were the bottom 3 usernamethatwasfree
max also killed it along with trixie (even for her short cameo)
Sent by sihz,Mar 24, 2023

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