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this guy

Jan 30, 2023 by sihz
who been checking me out for years now was working at the bank today when i was in line and he recognised me right after the system crashed so i went back home. So later today he dm'd me to tell me i could come back tomorrow during his shift, and skip the entire line (mind u i was there today for an hr before the system crashed) to have my debt card reemited but i have had no interest in this person, specially now im comitted to a relationship

is accepting his offer misleading? also is it a bitchy move to skip all the line?
or is he just being kind? im not used to these favors lmao


tell him to deposit some funds and then you’ll talk
Sent by MJFJUNE,Jan 30, 2023
oh THEN we can talk mjfjune
Sent by sihz,Jan 30, 2023
sihz lmao he wants to provide good customer service. Just tell the people in line you have an appointment :D
Sent by Jogon,Jan 30, 2023
Naw don’t lead him on ignore him
Sent by connorthomson,Jan 30, 2023

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