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Do you think

Jan 12, 2023 by sihz
you had your TG cringe era already, is it coming or are you in it right now?

I feel like i peaked my cringe era in 2012 with those =]]]] bffs l00o0o0o0o0l blogs

god we were so fucking annoying. Me, _teemo_, phenomanimal and others were insufferable

i was 19 back then, forgive me


omg =]]]]]]] was a personality trait
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jan 12, 2023
I used to sing on Skype_-_ regrets and mistakes lmfao
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Jan 12, 2023
LMAO were u one of those too? i feel like it was a trend austinrules6969
Sent by sihz,Jan 12, 2023
I feel like I鈥檓 always in my cringe era
Sent by BamboozleLabradoodle,Jan 12, 2023
LMAOO Not the L0o0o0oL
Plss don鈥檛 make me relive anything before I was 20 馃槶馃槶
Sent by _Teemo_,Jan 13, 2023

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