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  1. Goodbye friends !!
  2. What do you call a laughing jar of mayonnaise..?
  3. Hi
  4. Should I be concerned
  5. the cutest couple on tg
  6. Waking up at 5 tomorrow for work sucks
  7. currently have $2.91
  8. hi
  9. Wtf just because someone is gone for a day
  10. Hi losers
  11. I like ur dad
  12. What time does stars enroll
  13. Hellllooo
  14. Hellloooo
  15. My brother ran away from home
  16. AJR is highly underrated
  17. what flood
  19. My dad has more of a social life than me
  20. Anyone wanna chat dirty wit me
  22. You're a moron
  23. 1)ppl who work @ the DMV
  25. so cute
  26. idc if ur not with me ur against me
  27. You're welcome
  28. i have 28.1 health in hunger
  29. H e l l o
  30. does anyone wanna come on call
  32. baelish is the best GOT character
  33. She don't call me one and only,
  34. Although I'm only fourteen,
  35. Before having sex with someone new
  36. I think I'm emotionally unstable
  37. Fuck dude
  38. as much as i log out & leave tg
  39. Finals week is so fun :)
  40. i went to the bars last night

praise jesus

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♥Jay~JayElVeeIsBack♥ Aug 16, 2014
We are gather here today to celebrate the life of the housewives chat
[4:43:00 PM] Shyanne: The chat had a very good life full of everything it needed. Friendships, laughter, secrets, gossiping, and even petty fights
[4:43:31 PM] Macken: Fights over frookies (comical) and jb hosting calls and hanging up without even saying goodbye
[4:45:26 PM] Shyanne: We have lost some members along the way *Jay* but we have also gained others *AJ* *Andrew* *Jack* *Damien* *Thanos* (wtf thats so many new ppl lol)
[4:47:49 PM] Macken: It all started with me posting the britney reset picture and this is where it led us today... Darrel being the queen started the frat chat and when we had the fight i created the housewives chat it was fun when it was active but have lost activity in the past couple of days
[4:50:28 PM] Shyanne: We went from being on call literally all day to being on for a couple hours to no one wanting to talk at all. Thats why i want to personally thank each and every one of you here today in this chat for making its life possible. And i do not wish you to be sad as we say our final farewell
[4:52:46 PM] Macken: It has been fun with the drama on call with frookies with jb making alliances with 'sounds good' but isnt commiting to them. We had so many good disney queens with demi, ashley, raven and selena. So many wonderful people as we go our seperate ways stay in contact with each other as we are like a family but A FUCKED UP ONE
[4:56:24 PM] Shyanne: With that being said each of you hold a special place dear in our hearts. However, the life of this chat is slowly dying. And that is why you are here today for the Disney funeral. Please do not waste your tears for im sure someone in here will fuck you over in a game and you will want to cry. Right now just listen to the sad funeral piano music and bow your head for a moment of silence...
[4:59:09 PM] Macken: *bows head*
as we leave u today we play a song by one of the most fierecest people on the planet demi lovato
please listen to all the words to this song its amazing(heart)

[5:02:51 PM] Macken: As she says in the song 'Dont Forget Us'
[5:04:18 PM] Shyanne: RIP The Real Housewives of Disney Summer 2014 - Summer2014
[5:04:40 PM] Macken: R.I.P. The Real Housewives of Disney 2014 -Summer 2014
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What do you call a laughing jar of mayonnaise..? Jun 3, 2014
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