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  1. Goodbye friends !!
  2. What do you call a laughing jar of mayonnaise..?
  3. Hi
  4. Should I be concerned
  5. the cutest couple on tg
  6. Waking up at 5 tomorrow for work sucks
  7. currently have $2.91
  8. hi
  9. Wtf just because someone is gone for a day
  10. Hi losers
  11. I like ur dad
  12. What time does stars enroll
  13. Hellllooo
  14. Hellloooo
  15. My brother ran away from home
  16. AJR is highly underrated
  17. what flood
  19. My dad has more of a social life than me
  20. Anyone wanna chat dirty wit me
  22. You're a moron
  23. 1)ppl who work @ the DMV
  25. so cute
  26. idc if ur not with me ur against me
  27. You're welcome
  28. i have 28.1 health in hunger
  29. H e l l o
  30. does anyone wanna come on call
  32. baelish is the best GOT character
  33. She don't call me one and only,
  34. Although I'm only fourteen,
  35. Before having sex with someone new
  36. I think I'm emotionally unstable
  37. Fuck dude
  38. as much as i log out & leave tg
  39. Finals week is so fun :)
  40. i went to the bars last night


2ndJun 4, 2015 by shyannemystik
TheEclipse 7 min ago

[9:10:41 PM] #KingTimmy: HELLO CLASSICCAZ5
[9:10:47 PM] Shyanne: im crying
[9:10:50 PM] #KingTimmy: YOU ARE CONTESTANT #1 GET ON CALL
[9:10:58 PM] ClassicCaz5: WHo the f
[9:11:01 PM] ClassicCaz5: is Shyanne
[9:11:05 PM] Shyanne: LOOOOOL
[9:11:12 PM] #KingTimmy: Shyannemystik
[9:11:18 PM] #KingTimmy: shes hot
[9:11:21 PM] #KingTimmy: and has blue hair
[9:11:23 PM] ClassicCaz5: fuck off mother fuckers
[9:11:23 PM] Shyanne: STOP
[9:11:26 PM] *** ClassicCaz5 has left ***

[2:42:09]Shyanne: youre all so annoying omg
[2:42:12 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: shyanne (inlove)
[2:42:17 AM] Shyanne: brian (inlove)
[2:42:19 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: ur my favorite on this call
[2:42:23 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: ur the only sane person
[2:42:23 AM] Jawanda: Brian
[2:42:29 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: DREW BACK OFF
[2:42:30 AM] Jawanda: r u kidding me rn

[2:45:43 AM] Shyanne: awh shes so nice
[2:45:50 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: like u

[3:09:52 AM] T-20 | God: Why you blushing?
[3:10:01 AM] Shyanne: because im here
[3:11:19 AM] Jess Mckenzie: ye im inlove with Shyanne

[6:37:13 PM] Allie: Hey purple headed slut

jbshafer 0 min ago

[6:48:28 PM] Aydan (Aydanmac01): if I were a straw would you suck me Shyanne?

[4:28:22 PM] Marwane: me and Shyanne are dating now

[12:37:46 AM] Goodies: are u trying to make me helen keller

[12:07:39 AM] AJ Rockslide: Well 17 of them went thru the blender, 15 were thrown in the pool, and 2 were raised by Shyanne so they might as well be dead.

jbshafer 1 min ago

[12:30:19 AM] Luke Tibbs: I beat myself

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Cheaters Charity. This is for Darrius, Shyanne, Gentleman and Marwane because they are in a premade alliance! Make sure you don't nominate them because this is their charity! The sole winner of the alliance has been pre-determined to be you can see he has over 200 bets on him in this game, so we don't want to ruin those bets for everybody! Thank you and have a great day:-)

Marwane calls Darrius*
Darrius: Hello?
Marwane: Hey lover
Darrius: Oh hey Marwane;)
Marwane: Check ur pm, i sent a naked pic of myself
Darrius: Why don't you just come over....Gentlemans buttfucking me right now
Marwane: Okay on my way, let's play the alphabet game until i get there
Darrius: Ok

[9:46:26 PM] Instagram|Matt < 3's Macken|Alan: hes just chocking on shyannes dildo
[9:46:27 PM] Instagram|Matt < 3's Macken|Alan: she sent him
[9:46:28 PM] Instagram|Matt < 3's Macken|Alan: ;s
[9:46:35 PM] Marwane: UH UH
[9:46:50 PM] Instagram|Matt < 3's Macken|Alan: wtf

[12:09:04 AM] Marwane: Me has left

[12:16:21 AM] Darrel: When Shyanne is the dominatrix and we are her slaves

[10:02:40 PM] unkownnator: ur a man

Shyannemystik : You are the best person ever like u are so nice and so fun to talk to and i am so HAPPY i met u , u are 1 of my favourite people on this site and tbh i cant see tengaged without u and ilysmmm pls be my gf forever < 3 #marwane

[3:55:01 PM] facebook:shawnpat7: she likes to ride your
[3:55:21 PM] Noah   (Pens87/Blueliner): (bike) ;)
[3:55:22 PM] Marwane: oh does that mean like dick??

[12:16:29 AM] #KingTimmy: eww shyannes voice sounds like 12 cats dying

[12:27:10 AM] #KingTimmy: the thought of Shyanne trying to be sexy makes me ill

[10:58:02 PM] Allie: Wish I was a chick, then we can be a fake TG lesbian couple < 3

[5:03:39 PM] Big Joe: Shyanne you stroke your own ego more than a pubesant boy strokes himself when he first discovers playboy

[9:41:29 PM] A✰Diva™: please tell me you'r ethe goddess shyanne

[4:47:24 AM] Allie: The only 3some I will be having is with Shyanne and my middle finger

[12/26/2014 7:37:05 PM] Patrick: I will slice my wrist and spell out Shyanne

[5:12:27 AM] EG™: no
[5:12:29 AM] EG™: ur strange as fuck
[5:12:34 AM] EG™: i cant be around strange people
[5:12:38 AM] EG™: im too straight forward
[5:12:39 AM] EG™: LMAO
[5:12:41 AM] Shyanne: you think im strange
[5:12:45 AM] EG™: yes omg
[5:12:50 AM] EG™: ur the strangest person ive met

[11:20:08 PM] Bayleef Baja|Bailey < 3's SurvivorFreak: i feel like renaming you on skype
[11:20:10 PM] Bayleef Baja|Bailey < 3's SurvivorFreak: to dick hoper
[11:20:21 PM] Bayleef Baja|Bailey < 3's SurvivorFreak: cause you hop from 1 dick to the next i mean

macken 0 min ago
Shoutout to the queen Shyanne
shyanne i love you so much and you are like my best friend on the site even tho u are a slut ily:* so glad i met u xo

[3:20:51 AM] Shyanne: this music
[3:21:05 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: shyanne lets dance to it (inlove)
[3:21:12 AM] Shyanne: omg yes!!!!
[3:21:12 AM] Jessica Mckenzie: \o/
[3:21:18 AM] Shyanne: \o/
[3:21:19 AM | Edited 3:21:23 AM] Jessica Mckenzie: \o/
[3:21:23 AM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: \o/
[3:21:26 AM] Marwane: \o/

[4:45:15 AM] Bayleef|Baja|Bailey < 3's Torsola: THEY SHOULDVE CALLED YOU
[4:45:19 AM] Bayleef|Baja|Bailey < 3's Torsola: SHYANNE MYSLUT

[7:32:50 PM] Jake | Lemjam6 < 3's Cristina Yang: SHYANNE SAID MY TIARA WAS UGLY SO I SAID "FUCK YOU SHYANNE"

and shyannemystik how did i not see her vile ass
Sent by Piddu,Jan 5, 2015

[4:15:33 AM] Rob: I LOVE JEWS
[4:16:36 AM] J Cole: im jewish (heart) (angel)
[4:16:51 AM] Rob: oh nvm

[1:34:15 AM] Q W E R T Y ッ: Shyanne. Calm ur clit.

I love my lesbian TG GF/Friends with benefits slut purple headed cunt named Shyanne. Love you from the moon to mcbenjamins hairy virgin hole < 3  #cutieamy

[4:54:25 AM] Bailey|Baza: I pretend to make out with shyanne :/
[4:54:30 AM] Bailey|Baza: my pillow
[4:54:32 AM] Bailey|Baza: is my Shyanne

[4:44:26 AM] Bailey|Baza: Shyanne makes me wet


[12:29:59 AM] Max (Panda13): (heart) shyanne is bae

[12:32:44 AM] #KingTimmy: 55+13=84

[11:28:35 PM] *** Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie removed Shyanne from this conversation. ***
[11:36:02 PM] *** J Cole added Shyanne ***
[11:36:16 PM] Shyanne: (wave)
[11:36:30 PM] Brian ツ < 3 Kimi & Minie: who added the trash back?

[9:54:51 PM] Patrick: why do u try to have sexual tension with me

[1/9/15, 1:09:27 AM] Q W E R T Y ッ: My lips are like skittles. Wanna taste the rainbow?
[1/9/15, 1:10:01 AM] Shyanne: id rather taste puke

[1/13/2015 5:48:34 PM] Jake | Lemjam6 < 3's Cristina Yang: (yawn)
[1/13/2015 5:49:58 PM] Shitannemyslut < 3's Bitch76: im glad i bore you
[1/13/2015 5:58:30 PM] Jake | Lemjam6 < 3's Cristina Yang: You don't bore me lol
[1/13/2015 5:58:32 PM] Jake | Lemjam6 < 3's Cristina Yang: You disgust me

[9:41:44 PM] Shawn: Hey guys guess what go choke on a celery stick bye

macken 0 min ago
me and shyanne have a confession
next hunger games we are getting married we are being katniss and peeta of the hunger games
all 28 randomers are welcome but we do need a preacher does anyone volunteer as a preacher?
me and shyanne need to sit in the corn when there is food as our wedding dinner
rows will be shot as fireworks as the entertainment
weapons will be me and shyanne for our wedding night;)))))))
all of of the 28 randomers will suicide after the wedding and me and shyanne will sit in corn as f2 and stall for awhile:)

Plussed but don't cheat on macken he's cute and stuff and yeah :c
Sent by TheBirdie,Jan 16, 2015

[3:01:45 AM] Shitannemyslut < 3's Bitch76: who is my crush? :O
[3:01:47 AM] Shitannemyslut < 3's Bitch76: i would love to know
[3:02:37 AM] Allie: me you dumb bitch

[6:51:10 PM] Patrick: i
[6:51:11 PM] Patrick: wish
[6:51:11 PM] Patrick: i
[6:51:12 PM] Patrick: could
[6:51:13 PM] Patrick: be
[6:51:14 PM] Patrick: with
[6:51:15 PM] Patrick: u
[6:51:16 PM] Patrick: forever

shyannemystik 1 hour 5 min ago
i am only here for piper. gl everyone else.

Day7 HOH piperjr has selected final nominees shyannemystik and EliotWhi
Day7 Participants evicted shyannemystik

cfff 22 hours 2 min ago
shyanne and winner u are dead to me

shyannemystik : You don't understand how much I actually wanted to say that you do very little for me and I haven't really seen you around tengaged much but... I've seen that you join a lot of charities so... fair play to you, YOU NEED A LIFE < lol and um... yeah, keep being you?? < Lamest opinion on the board but someone had to get it ;) #cherryplop11

Shyanne, you're a really friendly and really genuine gal < 333  You are also an exceptional gameplayer with tengaged games :)     We align a little in games we're in together, but not too often.   Also, I feel only time we really talk is in Flawless skype chat, and I feel like we could take a bit more together and we need to play again sometime, preferably hunger, it was fun playing with you in hunger :P #boots22

i don't know you and I think we should talk more..lets talk! joking! I've seen you in games before and we kinda worked together but we didn't really we were in that hunger and we would have worked together had I lasted longer but it didn't happen. Now we can talk more actually with Skype or in games together! cause you seem funny like me! :) #brenla

Shaynne < 3 my love my life
yes i freaked out on the other and I felt extremely bad :( But i love talking to so much, i miss when we were always on calls together and I just feel like i can say anything to u < 3 You are such a sincere and sweet girl and I am glad we are close :) People will always be jealous of our relationships becuase they mad they aint us < 3 Keep being yourself because you are a great person! < 3 #shymybri love ya :) #cfff

when i first met u on call i thought u were black LMAO but we have become friends now and im glad we did, u are legit one of the nicest people ik < 3 im glad i can call u a friend #GentlemanG

Shyanne, you are such a genuine person but at the same time you just don't give a fuck! I like that you tell it how it is but still seem to be kind about it. You're also very funny. I'm glad we are like twins cos it makes you one of my closest friends on here that's a girl, which for me isn't that many. I'm glad we started talking more and became good friends. I miss our calls tho so we need one soon #owlb0ned

#shyannemystik, The slut of tengaged. Mail her late at night and she will be ready to get down and dirty. #cutieamy

[2:20:43 PM] Chibi: feeling for shyanne with purple privates

[9:58:35 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: but
[9:58:39 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: my below the equator
[9:58:40 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: wants him
[9:58:42 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: LOL
[9:58:45 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: DID I RLLY JUST SAY THAT

Awana Lahorphanixe Malarky Balakappagantula

[2:24:34 PM] patrick: Shyanne with nice thick nerdy glasses
[2:24:38 PM] patrick: turns me on

[8:16:26 PM] Noah McSheehan: You're skypes confuzed about it's sexuality like Shyanne

[11:01:39 PM] Shyanne: loooool sometimes youre so full of yourself tbh
[11:01:56 PM] Big Joe: you wish you could be full of me tbh

[11:07:28 PM] Shyanne: I am not a slut
[11:07:41 PM] Big Joe: no, your just my slut

shyannemystik I adore you! I just can't find anything negative about you i'm not even sure what you're doing on tengaged since tengaged is usually full of people with no social interactions. I think you're perfect =] #orlando652

[11:47:58 PM] Tyler ♥: what do i win wtf
[11:48:02 PM] Shyanne: my love
[11:48:07 PM] Tyler ♥: who r u

Sent by Marwane,Mar 17, 2015

from Vienna16 6 hours 25 min ago
I will do whatever you want with your stick

[8:31:30 PM] patrick: i want this as a bg =[
[8:31:40 PM] patrick: so we can be kissing in the rain

shyannemystik - i think youre deff fake sometimes especially in games and stuff, you spam way too much and it makes me want to slap you. #eyoomarcus

BBlover96 0 min ago
omg corn row update, this is bigger high then my first ejaculation

unkown 2 min ago
shyannesuckmystik < 3

[12:28:35 PM] Shyanne: Oh chris want me to just call you
[12:28:41 PM] Christos: ;)
[12:28:43 PM] Christos: cam sex ?

shyannemystik Shyanne SHyanne HSSh9idjLIFUHSD love youuuu so much< 3 ill be back for resetters 2.0 u have all my contact details i expect you to put them in full use and drive it like a  party!  idk thats random  tbt to when we cried on call cuz of that song all i want and last summer in the chat we posted the lyrics of it that was flawless just like you. Actually i forgot how we first actually talked tbh like i know joe made a call but when i talked u quickly left #Hurt but after that i have no clue also remember when u ruined that charity? i do too u whore. ALSO TRY AND BEAT BEING A SLUT SINCE THE FIRST SEMESTER DIRTY SLUT #macken

shyannemystik ~ one of my cute ex's < 3 sorry i had to break up with you but you know (cool) hahahah ily and i love talking to you (we should do more of that) because you have a great sense of humour and we are legit twins in our tg lives *cough*  #christossss

[11:39:21 PM] Big Joe: me and Shyanne have a love-hate relationship
[11:39:28 PM] Big Joe: we love to hate each other
[11:39:39 PM] Big Joe: and we love to love each other, if you know what I mean ;)
[11:39:48 PM] Shyanne: but only when we are in Canada
[11:40:06 PM] Big Joe: more action then I get in the US unfortunately

[2:09:15 PM] Marwane: chris im gonna shove that x so hard up ur ass im gonna make u shit from dick

Brendan05 0 min ago
Wait shyanne will you post some selfies while you're in the shower? Just for evidence in this negging case. No other reason

It's a weird fucking concept for a movie, like kids decide to jump on a train. The old man or conductor defiantly tries some funky shit with those kids, weird fuck! He has like a cult of kids #mikeRORO

[1:19:20 PM] Tony: while shyanne gets slammed like a cheap hooker on a friday night, my section in my restaurant will be getting slammed like a cheap hooker on a friday night
[1:19:31 PM] Tony: or as I'll now refer to it, Getting slammed like Shyanne

[10/22/2015 12:33:40 AM] Shyanne: Omg my o
[10/22/2015 12:33:44 AM] Shyanne: Logon
[10/22/2015 12:33:51 AM] Shyanne: Wtf
[10/22/2015 12:33:59 AM] Shyanne: My phone is like doing weir ab i
[10/22/2015 12:34:07 AM] Shyanne: OMG
[10/22/2015 12:34:09 AM] Shyanne: Help
[10/22/2015 12:34:16 AM] Roosevelt D_D: LMAO WHAT ARE YOU TYPING
[10/22/2015 12:34:43 AM] Shyanne: MY PHONE IS TYPING ON ITS OWA
[10/22/2015 12:34:46 AM] Shyanne: Own
[10/22/2015 12:34:48 AM] Shyanne: What do I do
[10/22/2015 12:36:02 AM] Roosevelt D_D: (cwl)
[10/22/2015 12:36:30 AM] Roosevelt D_D: I got so confused
10/22/2015 12:37:41 AM] Shyanne: I'm trying to type to t
[10/22/2015 12:37:42 AM] Shyanne: You
[10/22/2015 12:37:44 AM] Shyanne: Omg
[10/22/2015 12:37:46 AM] Shyanne: It called you
[10/22/2015 12:37:54 AM] Shyanne: Wtf
[10/22/2015 12:38:04 AM] Shyanne: MY PHONE IS POSSESSED
[10/22/2015 12:38:13 AM] Roosevelt D_D: SKYPE DEMON
[10/22/2015 12:38:22 AM] Shyanne: Whats do I do for re
[10/22/2015 12:38:23 AM] Roosevelt D_D: Have 2 delete u
[10/22/2015 12:38:28 AM] Shyanne: O (joy)
[10/22/2015 12:38:44 AM] Roosevelt D_D: STOP IM LAUGHING SO HARD

[10/22/2015 6:37:03 PM] Gay Tony (Guest): Hello
[10/22/2015 6:37:10 PM] Gay Tony (Guest): My name is Anthony
[10/22/2015 6:37:18 PM] JayElVeeIsBack: WTF?
[10/22/2015 6:37:19 PM] Alex: tf
[10/22/2015 6:37:21 PM] Alex: oh no
[10/22/2015 6:37:25 PM] Alex: its unfriended goodbye
[10/22/2015 6:37:30 PM] Gay Tony (Guest): Alex you will bare my children
[10/22/2015 6:37:31 PM] *** Alex has left ***
[10/22/2015 6:40:11 PM] *** JayElVeeIsBack removed Gay Tony (Guest) from this conversation. ***
[10/22/2015 6:40:22 PM] Shyanne: Who was that
[10/22/2015 6:40:24 PM] Shyanne: Wtf
[10/22/2015 6:40:48 PM] JayElVeeIsBack: idk you tell me
[10/22/2015 6:41:00 PM] Shyanne: I have no idea
[10/22/2015 6:41:26 PM] *** Darrel Collins removed Gay Tony (Guest) from this conversation. ***
[10/22/2015 6:43:23 PM] Gay Tony (Guest): I would not do that again if I were you
[10/22/2015 6:48:57 PM] *** JayElVeeIsBack removed Gay Tony (Guest) from this conversation. ***

I don't like you, don't make blogs about me, you're a fake disgusting cunt.
Sent by GentlemanG,Oct 25, 2015


Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jun 4, 2015
Imagine nomming him in stars
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jun 4, 2015
That escalated quickly
Sent by sosyomomma,Jun 4, 2015
who is the mexican tho
Sent by CutieAmy,Jun 4, 2015
You are afucking ugly ass 12 year old who is dating a mexican
Sent by Orlando652,Jun 4, 2015
oh wow
Sent by EricCartman,Jun 4, 2015
Sent by Vixanu,Jun 4, 2015
People who take hunger seriously in general need to reevaluate their lives
Sent by blueu22,Jun 4, 2015
lmao he sent me threats since i  killed him in a FINAL 2 es hunger
Sent by unkown,Jun 4, 2015
which mexican
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Jun 4, 2015
lmao as if dating a mexican was an insult. Oh wait it is
Sent by Carsonl,Jun 4, 2015
Sent by Elvira,Jun 4, 2015
you're 12 and you already have a boyfriend? good job shyanne!
Sent by EternalBlossom,Jun 4, 2015
Lmao so embarrassing.
Sent by Danger,Jun 4, 2015
I'd post what he said to me last hunger, but I'll get banned!
Sent by Simpizzle,Jun 5, 2015
vixanu I shot you out of hunger not killed your new born child!
Sent by Patrick319,Jun 5, 2015
Sent by Vixanu,Jun 4, 2015

yeah death threats are super pathetic but everything else he said was totally cool and not a pathetic overreaction
Sent by Steel,Jun 5, 2015
wow glad marcel was nice to me in stars?
Sent by boneworks,Jun 5, 2015
That escalated quickly
Sent by acyuta,Jun 5, 2015
rofl marcel you're acting like what you actually said was ok and not super embarrassing

Sent by MintCokeify,Jun 5, 2015
dating a mexican
Sent by PotatoSalad,Jun 5, 2015
Lol people on here act so childish.
Sent by Robbster1313,Jun 5, 2015
I wanna date a Mexican. Hispanic people have good asses I thought, and I love ass!
Sent by Insanity,Jun 5, 2015
insanity lmao
Sent by Lamia,Jun 5, 2015
Sent by konohavillage1,Jun 5, 2015
quite sad
Sent by jojo7784,Jun 5, 2015
Sent by Oysterman11,Jun 5, 2015
Sent by BigJoeFrimodt,Jun 5, 2015
Sent by Monomial,Jun 5, 2015
He's disgusting
Sent by zachbbs,Jun 5, 2015
I was shot out by you too but I didn't do that :/
Sent by hujain,Jun 5, 2015
i thought he was mexican himself?
Sent by Billions,Jun 5, 2015

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