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  1. Goodbye friends !!
  2. What do you call a laughing jar of mayonnaise..?
  3. Hi
  4. Should I be concerned
  5. the cutest couple on tg
  6. Waking up at 5 tomorrow for work sucks
  7. currently have $2.91
  8. hi
  9. Wtf just because someone is gone for a day
  10. Hi losers
  11. I like ur dad
  12. What time does stars enroll
  13. Hellllooo
  14. Hellloooo
  15. My brother ran away from home
  16. AJR is highly underrated
  17. what flood
  19. My dad has more of a social life than me
  20. Anyone wanna chat dirty wit me
  22. You're a moron
  23. 1)ppl who work @ the DMV
  25. so cute
  26. idc if ur not with me ur against me
  27. You're welcome
  28. i have 28.1 health in hunger
  29. H e l l o
  30. does anyone wanna come on call
  32. baelish is the best GOT character
  33. She don't call me one and only,
  34. Although I'm only fourteen,
  35. Before having sex with someone new
  36. I think I'm emotionally unstable
  37. Fuck dude
  38. as much as i log out & leave tg
  39. Finals week is so fun :)
  40. i went to the bars last night

praise jesus

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Goodbye friends !! Aug 12, 2017
I have not been on tg for the past 3 months really so I figured it was time for a proper farewell. The only time my account is ever at 0mins is from baza76 using my account for hunger. I have been working 40+ hour weeks with the most adorable kids ever and usually spend my free time with my boyfriend. I simply don't have time for this site or choose not to go on it when I do have time. I also have not been on skype so sorry to those who might have messaged me. I do not know if I will ever return for good to this site, but idk anything.

Goodbye for now love most of you !!!
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What do you call a laughing jar of mayonnaise..? Aug 8, 2017
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Hi Aug 8, 2017
what did i miss?
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Should I be concerned Jul 21, 2017
that my belly button is wider than my vagina?
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the cutest couple on tg Jun 8, 2017
would be brenla & druhhbby2
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Waking up at 5 tomorrow for work sucks Jun 7, 2017
Like I worked 8:50-6 today and it's 930 and I'm about to sleep. I have legit 0 life
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