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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stSep 3, 2020 by shellbelle
Guys I really really need y'all here. I'm up because I said I was not going to be pulled and pushed. I would nom who I want. They saw that as a threat.
They just don't want me to see finals on my birthday after working this fucking hard. Lets not give them what they want.
This save would mean so much more than y'all know โค much love!


Sent by BURBERRY,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by woah,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by Akeria,Sep 3, 2020
Plussed, but I had to save Daisy because of Survivor. You got this
Sent by Josie2008,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by ponga,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by daleariel,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Sep 3, 2020
Goodluck Queen !
Sent by Raiden,Sep 3, 2020
saved baby ily
Sent by fabianoo,Sep 3, 2020
U winner bb
Sent by mohaxurrito,Sep 3, 2020
I love yall
Sent by shellbelle,Sep 3, 2020
+11 Go girl
Sent by Gavassi,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by StarBursts,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by Shawnlolpop123,Sep 3, 2020
Sent by XalbeertooX,Sep 3, 2020
Omg this is a top blog? The love I have received is amazing โค โค you guys fucking rock
Sent by shellbelle,Sep 3, 2020

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