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  1. I'm in love with my neighbor he's got a big 馃悡..
  2. Hey y'all 鉂ゐ煇撯潳馃悡
  3. Send your spam I will plus it and smile guys...
  4. That stupid song is stuck in my head again
  5. Hey yall
  6. I got 5th in crooks and it's my bday馃槫
  7. It's my birthday馃槏
  8. My sweet little Remi 馃挆馃槏馃懚
  9. Omg thank you for my outfit
  10. Join frooks
  11. Is there a avi some one has designed with a baby
  12. It's been a little over a month since I was on..
  13. Phew it's been a minute again
  14. First time logged on in a while
  15. Wishes frooks fill.faster
  16. It's been a while since I've been on, how's..
  17. Just had my gender reveal party
  18. Join frooks
  19. Omg stop sending me stupid messages multis
  20. Omg where is frooks players
  21. Rate my avi
  22. I've been away all weekend
  23. I hate when people say weird things
  24. Hold my hand tight ok
  25. Ugh I've been sick for two days
  26. I'm holding my t until everyone goes broke from..
  27. Choke me daddy
  28. Just wanted to say good morning it's Friday..
  29. Omg yay
  30. It's actually disgusting
  31. Please plus
  32. Join frooks they talking shit about you
  33. Ok guys now that I'm calm enough to talk about my..
  34. For your foot fetish
  35. Shout out to a bestie
  36. Ok so this blog will be kinda long but fuck it
  37. What's with all the negs
  38. This must be a gifting week
  39. When i see you... you take my breath
  40. I'd rather be hard to love

I'm holding my t until everyone goes broke from the shops

Mar 8, 2018 by shellbelle
Smart game move I know


Shellbelle Drip Drip
Sent by Jayglezst,Mar 8, 2018

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