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Ok.. I gotta say this

Jan 21, 2023 by shellbelle
I always wondered how ppl like Sam_Hamwich gets a fucking crazy score in words..... Until his blog.

1. I felt sick at how fast you went. By the time I knew some words you were 2 words in lol.

2. There's no way you used scrambler .. Way to fast

3. I saw you slow down on a few 3 letter words. if the game was 3 letter words I may can beat you.

4. Also thank you for sharing there was 3 words I get stuck on and now I know them and feel confident.

That is all


honestly the best thing to look for is the first and last letter ill give an example basceue - because when your brain sees the first two letters of a word its a lot easier to unscramble and look for words that contain "sh" "th" "st" etc 152 is my best frookies time!
Sent by Mackey,Jan 21, 2023
Mackey def will give it a try next words and let you know :) thank you
Sent by shellbelle,Jan 21, 2023
Nah I never use an unscrambler, it鈥檚 too slow that way. If I can鈥檛 figure out a word then I just pick randomly and hope it helps me recognize what the word is that way
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Jan 22, 2023

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