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Shawnpat's Music Choice Finale

Mar 22, 2021 by shawnpat7
Well guys its finally over, this is probably the most interesting/fun thing I've gotten from this site in a long time. So after this I'll probably end up doing some other themed blog competition.

Theme 1 Highlight:

#Chic "too lost in you" - I remember this being the first week you landed in the top 3, this was a changing point for you in the game and from that point on you had some really decent placings. This is the right pick for a highlight from you.

#Jaxon "I don't want it all" - In a week that was all about you showing me who you are and me completely agreeing that I'm that same type of gal. I think you really proved that you were one to watch. You had a lot of very high moments this season and this is just one of those.

Theme 2 Final Redemption:

#chic "Beautiful Liar" - I remember the only reason you landed so low that week was because it wasn't really a "duet" It was a great song and that's what kept you safe. As you know I'm not a huge Beyonce fan but I do think this song came in a era when I did like her a bit more, and the colab with Shakira was a wise career move.

#Jaxon "Juice" - This was a tough point in the competition and a front runner went home this week it was like the tables had turned, I love Lizzo but this isn't my favorite song by her, but just like you said it was what got me into her initially and without this song I probably wouldn't have listened to her other music.

Theme 3 Winning Song:

#chic "My heart takes over" You are right I have no clue who the Sats are but I really enjoyed this, It has a lot of emotion and I will look into their other songs. I'm such a sucker for a girl group and they have great voices. I really wish the USA would get behind groups like this because I feel we miss out on really good music that the UK enjoys.

#Jaxon "Betty Davis Eyes" This one is a bit of a miss for me, all I could think was how she sounded like she needed a glass of water the entire time. Maybe she smokes too much idk.

So final comments:

Chic I feel you started as an underdog and in the later parts of the game really rose to the top, you gave a lot of unique songs and I never knew what to expect with you.

Jaxon There is a lot to say in the fact that you never placed lower than 5th the entire competition you had the most wins and the most high placements of any other competitor.

For this week
Theme 1 Winner: Jaxon
Theme 2 Winner: Jaxon
Theme 3 Winner: Chic

And with that
The winner of Shawnpat's Music Choice is Jaxon

17th: black_wave
16th: sharonmaitems
15th: iicreazygx
14th: hunty
13th: semajdude
12th: artpop2
11th: kingjames13
10th: thirteen
9th: symmetry888
8th: becksta20
7th: smuguy2012  (most shocking elimination)
6th: rory17
5th: lukesaur
4th: oswordo3 (biggest comeback)
3rd: tbrown_47
2nd: chic (Best improvement)

I'm the type of person that loves to see a chart of how I did in games so I made one during the game.

Thank you all for playing!



thank you so much. I did not come into this expecting to win or take it as seriously as I did but I feel so validated <3! I am adding this to my profile of ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Also, I had been making a chart too throughout the season that I was going to share with you when it finished LOL!
Sent by Jaxon,Mar 22, 2021
Chic is smelly
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Mar 22, 2021
gg! btw the chart link is not opening =/
Sent by Lukesaur,Mar 22, 2021
Sent by Chic,Mar 22, 2021
I was SO robber
Sent by smuguy2012,Mar 22, 2021
4th: oswordo3 (biggest comeback)

Honestly I will go down dying for Ashley Tisdale
Sent by oswordo3,Mar 22, 2021
9th: symmetry888

praying deserved better. fuck dr luke.
Sent by Symmetry888,Mar 23, 2021

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