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Shawnpat's Music Choice Quarter Finals

Mar 10, 2021 by shawnpat7
YAY final 4!

This week I want you to pick the best album, by any artist, any genre, Just a full album.

It may take me a bit longer to judge this week as I'm going to listen to the full album if I'm not familiar with it already.

You only need to post the name of the album and artist and Ill look it up.

Oh and also I’ve already hinted to some of my favorites, try not to be basic and copy what you already know I like.

Good luck!



I want to take a risk and show you one of my favorite lesser known albums this week. Her voice is very unique and she only has one hit, but I feel the entire album is beautiful.

Gravel & Wine by Gin Wigmore
Sent by Jaxon,Mar 10, 2021
Symptoms by Ashley Tisdale
Sent by oswordo3,Mar 10, 2021
Saturn by Nao
Sent by tbrown_47,Mar 10, 2021
Full moon by brandy
Sent by Chic,Mar 11, 2021

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