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Shawnpat's Music Choice Week 13 Results

Mar 10, 2021 by shawnpat7
Part 1: 1993

1st: tbrown_47 I have nothing: This is by far first place this week, I was hoping for this song and I got exactly what I was looking for. This song means so much to me!

2nd: Jaxon Linger: I had no idea who the cranberries were until they said their name in mean girls, then I listened to their music. This song is one I rather like.

3th: chic Hero: Ive said before Im not much of a Mariah fan but I do like this song a lot, its one of the few in her early career I like.

4rd: lukesaur If: Janet was definitely an icon of the time, she kinda fizzled out in her later years but this is a good song.

5th: oswordo3 Dreamlover: Like I said before I'm not the biggest Mariah fan, I don't hate the song it was just the least impressive for me.

Part 2: 2020/2021

Let me start by saying this was the hardest to judge out of any so far. The top 4 all really were good.There was only one I didn't care for.

1st: Chic Who's gonna save you now: Congrats on snagging your first win of the season. I really felt this song thanks for a good listen.

2st: Oswordo3 Take you to hell: I liked the lyrics on the screen tbh lol I like being able to see the words when I don't know a song I feel it gives me a deeper connection until I get to know it.

3rd: lukesaur what's your pleasure?: WTF was that video LMAO, but I really liked the song, it made me want to spin around in circles and take some Molly.

4th: tbrown_47 Death on the vine: I LOVED her voice and the depth of this song. I really don't even want to give it 4th but It just was a little bit less lovely than the other 3.

5th: Jaxon Treat myself: I never liked her on that terrible show she was on and I don't care for any of her music really.

So overall rankings this week
1st: Chic: You gave great songs for both. You had the highest overall score this week.

2nd: Tbrown_47: Your first pick was the number one song of the entire week, your second was great just not the top.

Bottom 3:
I feel all of you gave about the same energy this week, ranking all about the same.
So I took your past performances into consideration

3rd: Jaxon: You have never ranked lower than 5th the entire game and I think that really shows we vibe on the same level so you are safe this week.

Lukesaur You had a very slow start to the game with very safe placings, you have never snatched a win which is really shocking to me because you've ranked really high in the second half.

on the other hand

Oswordo3 You've produced some really good bops getting two wins after returning to the game. I do have to factor in the fact that you were eliminated once already.....

So what I've decided is...
Luke you will be going home this week.


Sent by iiCreazyGX,Mar 10, 2021
Oof sorry for submitting ms justice :( LOL!

I thought her comeback was a huge improvement over her nickeloden music but understand why someone wouldnt :)
Sent by Jaxon,Mar 10, 2021

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