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Shawnpat's Music Choice Week 9 Results

Mar 5, 2021 by shawnpat7
This week I don't have really anything negative to say about your choices.
I'm just having to pick my least favorite out of my favorites.

1st oswordo3 This is why we can't have nice things: Reputation is my favorite Taylor Album, this isn't my favorite song from the album but It tanks fairly high.

2nd: lukesaur Call it what you want: I really do enjoy this song, 1st place just beat you by a hair this week.

3nd Jaxon Don't blame me: One of my lower ranking songs from Reputation but I feel the album as a whole just defined a new era for Taylor and all the songs on it really speak to that.

4th smuguy2012 No body no crime: It breaks my heart that as a whole I haven't loved her two new albums, They are a bit too sad and slow for me, but this song is huge stand out because its one of the few I truly enjoy.

5th tbrown_47 Speechless: I love that you can really hear Gagas voice in this, its not the most popular so its a nice choice as many people probably wouldn't think to post this.

6th chic All you had to do was stay: So as a whole 1989 is my least favorite Taylor album, but this song part of the side of the album I do enjoy. I feel like the songs that didn't get popular were the good ones.

7th rory17 Heavy metal lover: This was a time when I fell in love with Gaga, its not my favorite but I love everything she puts out.

8th becksta20 Invisible strings: I don't love this song. I like it yes but I feel like its too elementary for me. Im sorry dear ELIMINATED!


Reputation = best era of taylor 100%
Sent by Jaxon,Mar 5, 2021

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