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Shawnpat's Music Choice Week 8 Results

Mar 4, 2021 by shawnpat7
This was a very hard week, there were some songs I know very well and a lot Id never heard.

1st: Jaxon I don't want it at all: If this is who you are as a person then we should be best friends. I relate to this song so much. Im a bit of a bitch, drink too much, shop too much, I want everything and I want it now. So if that's you too then you deserve 1st place this week!

2nd oswordo3 B*tch: This song has so much emotion behind it, I really enjoy it, something Id listen to when Im depressed.

3rd: tbrown_47 Last one: The video was disturbing but the song itself was good. It tells a good story.

4th: rory17 Diamond Hard: This was new to me but I enjoyed it, and it described a story so I think it gave me a little more insight into who you are.

5th: chic Tun Up: I know you already and I think this song is very you.

6th smuguy2012 Not ready to make nice: Im not a fan of the "chicks" but this is one of their better songs, and it has a good message.

7th lukesaur Primitive: Not sure what I just listened to but I liked the beat and made me think you like to have fun

8th: becksta20 Raise your glass: I don't like the song but it did give me a sense of who you are, and Im all for raising a glass.

9th: symmetry888 Praying: I didn't care for this song, I do enjoy Kesha but I don't think this song told me anything about you.... Sorry ELIMINATED

10th: Thirteen Nights in white satan: I did not even slightly enjoy this song. If it describes you then I don't really want to know anything else about you... Sorry my dear ELIMINATED


Honestly, yes, that is 100% me as a person.
Sent by Jaxon,Mar 4, 2021

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