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Shawnpat's Music Choice Week 7 Results

Mar 3, 2021 by shawnpat7
Week 7: Redemption

First I want to start by welcoming oswordo3 Back into the competition, his redemption song beat out all the other eliminated ladies.

Ranks this week are as follows

1st symmetry888 Wont say I'm in love: This is my all time favorite Disney song, It has so much emotion behind it for a cartoon and I'm so happy to see you post this.

2nd thirteen This is Halloween: Exactly the choice Id expect from you, I happen to love this movie and this is my favorite song from the movie. Keep it up!

3rd Jaxon Bartender: Love the band, Love to drink, love the song. Nice work

4th Chic Enchanted: Not my favorite Tswift song but she is one of my favorite artist and I do think this song is rather cute

5th smuguy2012 The Realness: I like the music video better than I like the actual song but a good pick

6th rory17 Reflections: This is no "make a man out of you" but its a decent song from a really good movie.

7th lukesaur Nobodys perfect: A bit of a flop from Ms Montana but it is enough to keep you safe.

8th tbrown_47 If I die young: I don't care for this song but its not the worst of the week you are safe.

9th becksta20 Girls like you: I don't like Maroon 5 I think Adam is so vanilla and boring, I also not a fan of Cardi B, what saves you this week is I enjoy the music video.

10th Kingjames13 Save a horse ride a cowboy: I HATE Big and Rich..... I think they are gross. Their music is gross. Im sorry dear but I gotta send you packing. ELIMINATED


hercules really delivered with that song tbh
Sent by Symmetry888,Mar 3, 2021

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