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The sexiest man on tengaged is.......

Dec 28, 2013 by sdriver999


Hello, :) How have you been?
Sent by Bryce12,Dec 28, 2013
hehe awe thanks :****
Sent by evil_derrick,Dec 28, 2013
I just spit out my drink.
Sent by dav_o_79,Dec 28, 2013
dav_o_79 you can you plese stop you act like your some god or something when in reality your not. You may think you are.. I know im not the cutest thing, I know I have a learning disablitity but you dont have to treat me like complete shit just because you dont like me...
Sent by evil_derrick,Dec 28, 2013
Evil_Derrick, that paragraph you just typed made my head hurt.
Sent by dav_o_79,Dec 28, 2013
@dav_0_79 haah well that sucks doesnt it!
Sent by evil_derrick,Dec 28, 2013
Dav_o_79 your like 35 stop fighting with people that are obviously more mature then you ever will. You think your some kind of god and in reality your worse then rotting tomatoes. I don't like you and I would appreciate it if you would stop harassing one of my closest friends. Nobody has time for malevolent imbolsolic people like you. Evil_Derrick I love you boo, you need me you know where to find me
Sent by Realchance,Dec 28, 2013
awe thanks realchance I love you sooo much. And I know im more mature hes such an ass making fun of someone who cant spell who failed english because they always moved around for personal reason, which I told him at one point irl, but he doesnt care just remember karma comes back to those like him..
Sent by evil_derrick,Dec 28, 2013
Evil_Derrick and two are are like peas in a motherfucking pod. I cannot understand what either of you blog and after I read one of your grammatically incorrect blogs, I ask myself "What were their parents doing at the time of their conception?" I know they weren't taking the right steps during the gestation period. You know...things that your parents do while you are developing in the womb effect you as the fetus and I am very sorry that you two are the end result of parents that fucked up.

Sent by dav_o_79,Dec 28, 2013
Dav_o_79 insult me all you want but dont you EVER EVER BRING MY FAMILY INTO THIS. I lost a parent already and my other parent is dying. Do you think I need your bullshit. No I really dont. Evil_Derrick and I are like peas in a mother fucking pod because we have gone through some of the same shit. I can honestly say that when it boils down to it I absolutely do care for Derrick. Over the last few months we have gotten close. But thats because both of us, we have one thing that you dont. We have hearts. We care about others and do for them more then we do for ourselves. You keep thinking that you are the hottest thing since sliced bread when in reality you are not. I would rather have every breath taking out of my body then ever have to meet someone with a hideous soul like yours. You make me sick. Can't wait until I get to meet the one I call one of my best friends because you know what he truly is. I dont have to worry about him being fake as all hell like you.
Sent by Realchance,Dec 28, 2013

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