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  1. Didn't wildboy threaten to shoot up a school?
  2. Today is my birthday
  3. Emzthorne
  4. You all are awesome human beings
  5. Have a great day
  6. How long was
  7. Loyalty my ass
  8. Love you all
  9. How do people like country music?
  10. Best year of Tengaged?
  11. Coronavirus update
  12. Wow
  13. For those of you wondering
  14. I like Skype...
  15. On Wednesdays we wear pink!
  16. Fix the site already
  17. Have a great night
  18. Love you all
  19. Tengaged
  20. The queen is back?
  21. Do people still use chatzy?
  22. + for Imagine Dragons
  23. + for NSYNC
  24. I get farther in a fasting
  25. Good afternoon
  26. George Carlin
  27. To the TV Star negging my blogs
  28. Hi random person
  29. Who spams the most on Tengaged?
  30. Good morning
  31. 7 more days
  32. Love you all
  33. My Mom took a Ancestry DNA test
  34. Should we really be throwing around pedo..
  35. I might be joining stars on March 28th
  36. My stars placements
  37. Me
  38. God did not help people with
  39. Trump
  40. My thoughts on the coronavirus

Love is love

Feb 18, 2020 by scooby0000
The only thing that matters is that both of you are happy


Sent by EyooMarcus,Feb 18, 2020

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