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  1. You all are beautiful
  2. R. I. P.
  3. Love you all
  4. Hi guys
  5. Hope everyone has a great night
  6. Love you all
  7. Hi guys
  8. Thanks for the random gift
  9. Mudkips are awesome
  10. Good afternoon
  11. The only people who joins stars using multis
  12. Just hoping
  13. Stars support
  14. Good morning
  15. Tengaged
  16. Is anyone else
  17. Hope you have a great day
  18. Thanks
  19. Just a warning
  20. Ban this person pls
  21. Hope everyone has a great night
  22. Just because
  23. King of tengaged
  24. Love you all
  25. Hope everyone has a great night
  26. Back
  27. Love you all
  28. The tengaged community will never forget
  29. Today is my birthday
  30. Pokemon Total Drama season 3 episode 1
  31. Hi guys
  32. Hi guys
  33. Have a great day
  34. Hope everyone has a great night
  35. Love you guys
  36. Pokemon Total Drama season 2 finale
  37. Hi guys
  38. Love you all


Oct 19, 2018 by scooby0000
Need to stop judging others on looks,gender,race,sexual orientation,mental problems

The only thing a person should be judged on is their actions
If one person does something does not mean a whole group did the same thing


yes scooby, we missed ur positivity.
Sent by s73100,Oct 19, 2018

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