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  1. Hope you all have a great day 馃槃
  2. Hi
  3. Heatherlum
  4. Give admin a break
  5. Guess who I have filtered
  6. Tag your best friend
  7. I have always been against multis
  8. Love you all
  9. Hope you all have a great night 馃槃
  10. Don't ban someone
  11. Who on tengaged
  12. What happened in the week I was gone?
  13. Sorry I have been gone
  14. What the heck is wrong with Tangela
  15. Best thing about tengaged?
  16. Hey
  17. Favorite Pokemon?
  18. Love you all
  19. Hope you all have a great night
  20. Hi
  21. Hi kings and queens
  22. People can love
  23. Now has the drama stopped?
  24. Good afternoon
  25. Goodkaren
  26. Is there any way
  27. Hope you all have a great night
  28. The good people of tengaged keep leaving
  29. Sorry
  30. Goodkaren is our queen
  31. Anybody want to be filtered?
  32. Congrats on being filtered
  33. Is the drama finally over?
  34. Turns out I am a racist
  35. Updated filtered list
  36. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon
  37. Hope you all have a great day 馃槃
  38. Can we ban
  39. Both parties are to blame
  40. What peeps did


Feb 8, 2018 by scooby0000
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