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  1. Love you all
  2. Hope you all have a great night
  3. Hi
  4. Hi kings and queens
  5. People can love
  6. Now has the drama stopped?
  7. Good afternoon
  8. Goodkaren
  9. Is there any way
  10. Hope you all have a great night
  11. The good people of tengaged keep leaving
  12. Sorry
  13. Goodkaren is our queen
  14. Anybody want to be filtered?
  15. Congrats on being filtered
  16. Is the drama finally over?
  17. Turns out I am a racist
  18. Updated filtered list
  19. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon
  20. Hope you all have a great day 馃槃
  21. Can we ban
  22. Both parties are to blame
  23. What peeps did
  24. I wish
  25. Talked to admin
  26. Bring him back
  27. I approve this
  28. You guys do realize
  29. What the f*ck is wrong with people?
  30. ...........
  31. If someone is causing you issues
  32. Either
  33. Strange
  34. Who do you predict
  35. Hope you all have a great night
  36. Can you guys shut up?
  37. Pic
  38. Willie_
  39. Strange
  40. How am I a bigger freak


Feb 6, 2018 by scooby0000
I get attacked for swearing but when I say cr*p people just make fun of me



Sent by Etienne,Feb 6, 2018
what does that word say my netnanny parental controls blocked it
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 6, 2018
you cant say that word...
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 6, 2018

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